Control Ultimate Edition: better PS5 or Xbox Series X from the tests?

Control Ultimate Edition: better PS5 or Xbox Series X from the tests?
Looking at the performance of Control Ultimate Edition - a title developed by Remedy Entertainment, which includes the main game and all the expansions already available in one package - the Digital Foundry team has made an interesting discovery. The goal was to compare the visual quality offered by next-gen consoles with that which can be enjoyed with the PC version. To do this, the team experimented with the various options available.

Well, the Photo Mode of Control Ultimate Edition proved to be an excellent analysis tool for evaluating the technical performance of the game, an opportunity that the team did not waste to test over 20 different scenarios. In this way, not only was Digital Foundry able to compare the performance between the two next-gen consoles, but it also found that this mode removes the 30 fps limit when Quality Mode is active - an option with Ray-Tracing enabled.

Furthermore, from the various tests carried out, a certain variability in terms of stability is evident. It is likely that this is why Remedy Entertainment preferred to lock the frame rate. On average, when Ray-Tracing is active, Control Ultimate Edition runs at 30fps on both 9th Gen consoles, PS5 and Xbox Series X. However, from the same tests, Xbox Series X is slightly ahead. According to Digital Foundry's calculations, the average performance advantage of Microsoft's new console is 16% compared to PS5. Nonetheless, there are different scenarios in which the CPUs of both consoles stumble.

If this analysis has intrigued you, you can take a look yourself at the video above. We remind readers that, for PlayStation Plus subscribers, Control Ultimate Edition is free for this month, so take advantage of it! Also, in the PlayStation 5 version, there are new functions related to the console and to DualSense, not only in graphic terms but also in practical terms, thanks to the adaptive triggers and haptic feedback.

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