Call of Duty Warzone: fans breathe a sigh of relief, bug fixed

Call of Duty Warzone: fans breathe a sigh of relief, bug fixed
Last week many Call of Duty Warzone fans complained of an unwelcome comeback, we're talking about the Stim glitch. For those who are not aware of it, this is a particular trick that allows you to take advantage of infinite "cures", preventing you from being eliminated by the toxic cloud leading, in most cases, to a landslide victory. This is one of the many problems battle royale has been experiencing in recent months, but let's admit it's the most annoying one.

Some users on Reddit posted a video showing a player throwing a grenade first, to then catch it on the fly, activate the night view. Performing these precise steps would have activated the trick, but it's not entirely clear so don't take it too literally. In any case, the development team learned of it and, after a week of silence, said they had fixed it permanently.

In short, fans can really breathe a sigh of relief as the recent bug has made a good chunk of the community mad. It is not the least of the problems, but in the last few days Activision Infinity Ward are really rolling up their sleeves by proposing continuous and effective updates. Their anti-cheater campaign is proving to be really flawless, in a short time over 300,000 users were banned, last night even another 60,000. At the moment, the American company is also working on additional detection technology, which will allow it to devote new resources to monitoring and applying bans.

What do you think of this news? Have you also discovered users who used this annoying bug? Let us know with a comment below in the dedicated section. As usual, we invite you to stay tuned to follow all the events related to Call of Duty Warzone and stay updated on all future dedicated updates.

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