Bitcoins exceed the trillion dollars

Bitcoins exceed the trillion dollars

In the world there are bitcoins for a value that exceeds a trillion dollars. The calculation is soon done: there are approximately 18.6 million bitcoins in existence and the equivalent value has come to touch $ 55,000 each: a simple multiplication is enough to understand how many zeros it is necessary to use to describe the value that has reached the Bitcoin phenomenon on a global level.

Where will Bitcoin arrive?

Of course, the growth curve can only substantiate the arguments of those who believe in bitcoin (and are waiting for its value to reach even beyond what has already been achieved in recent days), as of those who do not believe in it (and are patiently waiting for the bubble to deflate again): only a year ago the total value of bitcoins did not reach 200 million, it had even fallen with the pace of the pandemic, then one slow rise until reaching the evident explosion of this early 2021.

A year of Bitcoin (CoinGecko data)

It is useless to ask ourselves where Bitcoin can arrive at this point: we would do nothing but foment the forest of disparate and poorly argued opinions woven into a dichotomy of visions that are far too deep. Just in these hours Bill Gates commented in a very detached way, explaining that he is neither in possession of bitcoin, nor that he wants to bet against it, but hinting between the lines that he wants to think about digital transactions in other forms than cryptocurrencies. . Once again, in short, Gates and Musk are on two different horizons, with two visions and two antithetical styles that even on the Bitcoin theme come to place themselves on distant visions.

Source: CoinGecko
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