Volkswagen recalls 21,000 ID.4s for power losses

Volkswagen recalls 21,000 ID.4s for power losses

Volkswagen recalls 21

Volkswagen has announced a recall campaign involving around 21,000 units of its all-electric ID.4 crossover, as it was found to have a problem leading to a loss of power while driving. The problem appears to be software in the battery control module which in some cases resets itself, and during the reset the inverter shuts down and the car loses power.

The problem is was initially identified in July 2021 but in a few weeks the German company had decreed that it was not necessary to intervene, since the steering and brakes were not affected by the problem. Fortunately, the investigation continued until January 2022, when one of Volkswagen's suppliers admitted that the inverter software itself had problems that could cause a loss of power.

The 20,904 instances of ID. 4 produced between 26 May 2020 and 20 January 2022 are all potentially exposed to this issue, while vehicles manufactured after that date already have up-to-date software and do not have the issue. All vehicle owners involved in the recall campaign will receive a warning on their car display by the end of March 2023, urging them to visit a Volkswagen workshop to install the necessary software update to resolve this issue involving the battery control unit and the one that manages the pulse inverter.

At the same time, Volkswagen is also recalling a thousand ID.4s produced between 2022 and early 2023 due to a 12-volt battery cable touching a steering element of the car, consuming abnormally with the risk that it could cause a short circuit and subsequently a fire – and as we well know it is absolutely not recommended to set fire to a vehicle equipped with a lithium battery.

Volkswagen ID.4 is available in Italy starting from €53,886, you can find our test at this link.