Starfield: Feature hidden in plain sight discovered by the community

Starfield: Feature hidden in plain sight discovered by the community


Last June, Bethesda presented Starfield with a long gameplay video, aimed at showing the main features of its game, the first IP in over twenty years of activity. Obviously those 15 minutes could not rattle off all the contents of the production in the best possible way, but a Reddit user managed, after just under a year, to discover a feature on which there had been no comment from the team of development.

Discovering this feature was not easy, given that in the trailer it is only present for one frame. A hawk's eye is therefore needed and the user in question must have spent several hours analyzing the video presented by Bethesda in June last year, but once the discovery was made, he obviously decided to share it with the world. The mechanic in question is the ability to rob NPCs.

The "pickpocket" mechanic, as it is called in English, has never been announced, but is visible in the Starfield gameplay video as soon as the player enters the base of Kreek. Before facing a space pirate, the screen immediately returns to the screen that allows you to rob (or better, pickpocket in this case) the enemy. You can see it all thanks to the screenshot just below.

The mechanic is not new to fans of Bethesda games, since it was already present in other of its titles, such as Fallout (you can buy the most recent single player chapter on Amazon). And now, thanks to this fan with a decidedly high attention to detail, we have confirmation that he will also officially return to Starfield. Now the only doubt to be clarified about the game is its launch date, but we will certainly know more during the event dedicated to the new Bethesda production. An event that will most likely take place over the next few weeks.

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