Primitive Era 10000 BC | Cheats and codes

Primitive Era 10000 BC | Cheats and codes

If you are looking for cheats and codes for Primitive Era 1000 BC, you are in the right place. Among the best strategy games on mobile, Primitive Era allows for battles between players, hunting primal beasts and developing your village through a plethora of resources in a similar way to Lords Mobile . As in any game of the genre, there is no shortage of rewards and bonuses to be redeemed for free.

The developers of Primitive Era 1000 BC usually release redeemable codes during special occasions, such as holidays or special anniversaries. Many of these are released on social media and offer potions, rubies, boosts and boosts that always come in handy in strategic games of the genre. In this guide you can find the updated list of all Primitive Era 10000 BC codes and cheats.

ATTENTION: At the moment the codes to be redeemed are ONLY active on the Android version of the game.

How to redeem Primitive Era 10000 BC codes

Redeeming Primitive Era 10000 BC codes is child's play, just follow the steps below.

From the game screen, press the "More" button which is shown with the "+" icon at the bottom right; Press on "Settings", key represented by a gray gear; From this menu, press the "Redeem Code" option represented by a fruit; Enter one of the codes that you can find in the next paragraph and go ahead; Check the receipt of rewards from ingamemail messages, reachable on the main screen in the bottom navigation bar.

All Primitive Era 10000 BC codes, list updated February 2023

Below we list all available codes . Attention, some codes may have a time duration and therefore may no longer work. However, this guide will be updated from time to time with new introductions and possible exclusions. The codes to be entered are those shown in bold , and must be transcribed also respecting any alternation of capital and small letters . We also remind you that these codes are ONLY available on Android.


1000 Rubies, 1 Magic Potion IV, 1 Boost of 3 hours, 3 Boosts of 1 hour, 10 Boosts of 5 minutes


10 Magic Potions II, 1 Speedup of 1 hour


100 Rubies, 10000 Food, 10000 Wood, 2000 Hides