Lamborghini, the V12 hybrid is almost ready, check out a photo

Lamborghini, the V12 hybrid is almost ready, check out a photo


Just yesterday Lamborghini announced the definitive departure of its V12 engine by presenting two one-off models called Invencible and Autentica, and today a first image appeared showing us what the hexagonal exhaust of the new should be. model equipped with hybrid powertrain; the photo does not surprise us, also because just yesterday the Sant'Agata Bolognese company announced that it was “just a few weeks away from the official debut of the first Lamborghini super sports car with a hybrid engine”.

The image, which appeared on the forum Lamborghini Talk seems to have been taken from the official magazine of the Italian company and actually shows us very little about the new supercar, except for the hexagonal-shaped exhaust and a hint of rear lights. The design of the exhaust had already been spotted on the various prototypes caught on the street in recent months and the sentence shown below the image is a perfect summary of the journey undertaken by Lamborghini.

“From now on, everything it will have to change while remaining in line with our DNA.”

This sentence probably refers to the fact that while switching to a hybrid powertrain, Lamborghini will continue to base the thermal part on a naturally aspirated V12, which however will be supported by an electric part which will give a substantial increase in power as well as reducing emissions and, probably , make the car more versatile in various areas of use: this last hope is reinforced by the fact that a few weeks ago it was discovered that the new Lamborghini will have a 100% electric driving mode and therefore a loudspeaker system to warn pedestrians of its presence, a detail that we have come to know with the diffusion of electric cars.

At the moment there is no official and confirmed information , but the new Lamborghini could be called Revuelto and could reach a power of more than 800 horsepower; the boldest rumors even speak of a power exceeding 1000 horsepower!

The date to be marked on the calendar is next March 29, when Lamborghini will finally present its latest effort to the world.