Intel is preparing to launch two Raptop Lake Black Edition CPUs

Intel is preparing to launch two Raptop Lake Black Edition CPUs

Intel is about to launch two new processors belonging to the Raptor Lake family: Core i5-13490F and Core i7-13790F. In the past, the Santa Clara company had made the Core i5-12490F "Black Edition" available with Alder Lake architecture exclusively for the Chinese market. In this case, the Core i5-13490F is the successor of the Core i5-12490F, while the Core i7-13790F is a real novelty.

However, both could belong to the "Black Edition" series as they are distributed in black boxes instead of the usual blue of the brand and do not include a heatsink. Also, being F-series chips they have no integrated graphics and must be paired with a dedicated graphics card. Both chips could be the result of Intel's efforts to recycle dies that do not fully meet the standards of other more powerful CPUs and/or with a working integrated GPU.

In the screenshots posted by Twitter user wxnod we can see see that CPU-Z indicates that the Core i5-13490F has a 10-core (6 P-Cores, 6 E-cores) and 16-thread configuration, the same as the standard Core i5-13400F. Additionally, the processor appears to have a boost clock of 4.8GHz, a 200MHz increase over the Core i5-13490F. Finally, the Core i5-13490F's L3 cache is 4MB larger than the Core i5-12490F, putting it on par with the Core i7-13700F. We end the roundup of specifications by saying that the Core i5-13490F and Core i7-13790F have a PBP (Processor Base Power) of 65W, while the MTP (Maximum Turbo Power) is unknown. However, the previous Core i5-12490F and Core i5-12400F had a MTP of 117W, so it's possible that the Core i5-13490F also has the same 148W MTP as the Core i5-13400F.

Photo Credit: wnxod/Twitter

Test results showed that the Core i5-13490F offers superior single-core and multi-core performance over its predecessors. Notably, the Core i5-13490F delivered 6.9% and 4.5% greater single-core and multi-core performance, respectively, than the Core i5-13400F. Additionally, the Core i5-13490F outperformed the Core i5-12490F by 11.4% in single-core performance and was up to 46.9% faster in multi-core performance.

As it turns out, the Core i5-13490F under review was a very definitive retail processor, which could indicate that both the Core i5-13490F and Core i7-13790F are already available at Chinese retailers.