Escape Box Dinosaurs, review:

Escape Box Dinosaurs, review:

Escape Box Dinosaurs, review

Flynn , a famous professor, disappeared weeks ago during an expedition into the bowels of the Earth. You are his young assistants and you are absolutely determined to find him. You have a map and his notes, but the instructions are in code and you don't have much time left to decipher them: the volcano is about to erupt, and the dinosaurs aren't that far away. Edited by Asmodee and the mind of Frederic Dorne, you we present Escape Box Dinosaurs, a game aimed at children aged 7 to 12 that will keep you entertained while stimulating your creativity.

Escape Box Dinosaurs: components

Inside the box, portable and with captivating shades, you will find:

40 cards 1 poster 1 rulebook

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In Escape Box Dinosaurs an adult plays the role of GM , while the children play the group of young people explorers called to rice solve the puzzles . The GM reads the rules and sets up the room, helping the party if it gets stuck. The children must complete the scenario within the time limit (45 minutes), and are called to collaborate: they look for the cards in the game room, and once they find them, they solve the puzzles with the clues collected previously.

Generic photos It will therefore be up to the GM to define the play area in which the adventure will take place, making sure the boundaries are clear to everyone. In this way, children are prevented from looking for or touching objects outside the defined area, in order to avoid unpleasant inconveniences. Once the preparation is complete, the GM starts the countdown and the game can begin!

Searching, finding, solving

The group then launches in search of clues within the area of game. The children place the found cards on the table, and can ask if there are more to reveal. Having found the clues , the explorers can try to solve the puzzles . When they think they have the answer, they have to show the corresponding cards and give the solution out loud, or by pointing or drawing. It's not allowed to rambling through a list of possible answers without thinking, and the GM is always free to impose a penalty. If the players give the correct answer, the GM places a reward card on the table, visible to all.

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Types of cards

In Escape Box Dinosaurs there are 3 types of cards:

Clues . Items that help players solve puzzles, such as drawing parts, locations, dinosaur silhouettes, and so on. Puzzles. They can be sentences, drawings, pieces of code or something else. Players will have to find the answers  to the riddles thanks to the clues. Encounter Cards . Whenever the GM deems it appropriate, he may draw an Encounter Card to give a penalty. At each encounter a dinosaur will come dangerously close to the players, and they will have to react according to the type of creature, played by the GM. In the case of carnivores, the children will have to hide until they hear the dinosaur move away. In the case of petty thieves, the GM will randomly steal one of the cards, which can be returned as a reward. In the case of herbivores, however, the children will have nothing to worry about. The mechanics of the Encounter Cards proved to be decidedly the most apt and fun, both for adults and children: a pity it hasn't been exploited more.

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Suitable game for..

The game is aimed at children from 7 to 12 years old, but it can really be played at any age. Unexpectedly, it also proves to be very entertaining for adults, who are called upon to direct the research and step into the shoes of the various dinosaurs.


Escape Box Dinosauri convinces by its dual nature: it is in fact a intelligent title, which combines role-playing elements with a board game, encouraging adults and children to solve the mystery of Professor Flynn's disappearance. Fun, stimulating and with pedagogical implications, he will be the protagonist of many birthday parties.