Does The Day Before exist? Maybe yes, but it is a real plagiarism

Does The Day Before exist? Maybe yes, but it is a real plagiarism

Does The Day Before exist? Maybe yes

After trying to silence the controversy with the gameplay video , more doubts have emerged regarding The Day Before . If the game really exists we cannot know for sure, but in the last few hours a disturbing accusation has emerged against Fntastic, or the development team behind the alleged MMO. This is an accusation of plagiarism, which would affect not only the game itself, but also the entire production part.

Launched by Twitter user Chroma, who in life is responsible for making trailers for the mods of the Call of Duty video games, the accusation of plagiarism is evident from the first screenshots of the trailer of The Day Before, which would have plagiarized a game from the Activision series. The short film is moreover unequivocal, given that it makes a 1 to 1 comparison between the scenes of the game under development in Siberia (with a team made up mainly of volunteers) and one of the shooters of the most famous franchise in the world as regards firsts person shooter.

However, the charge of plagiarism is not limited only to the video. If it is true that many trailers have many similarities, it is also true, however, that the various promotional artworks are still different. Or at least, in most cases they are different, because those of The Day Before shamelessly copy other titles, such as Snowrunner and The Division. The idea is that most of the material was created by volunteers, who tried to replicate most of the already published works, more as an exercise in style. Trivially an exercise required by anyone who attends video editing or concept art courses, but here we are talking about a product that must be sold at a not too low price and not a simple personal work.

The Day Before is just really sketchy idk… Like someone else replied saying "it's just a reference" but like… there's referencing and then there's the fact that every piece of marketing for this game is just a direct copy of another game (these comparisons were on reddit)

— Chroma (@Chromastone10) February 4, 2023

This controversy is just the umpteenth one involving The Day Before . And the gameplay video, instead of clarifying the state of development, only fueled other doubts. At this point, if really much of the material is plagiarism, another postponement could be very close.

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