Baldur's Gate on Game Boy? No, but this RPG comes close

Baldur's Gate on Game Boy? No, but this RPG comes close

Baldur's Gate on Game Boy? No

Thanks to the Steam Next Fest, we had the opportunity to try and discover several independent games and more. As we approach the end of the event, PC Gamer has decided to let us notice what is probably one of the "strange" products (in a positive sense), which tries to combine the atmospheres of Baldur's Gate with a real graphic tribute at the time of the Game Boy.

Called Felvidek, unfortunately there is no demo of the game yet, but the first screenshots are definitely incredible . The author of the game is Jozef Pavelka, from Slovakia, who intends to publish the game around next April. The title is set in a fictional region just above Hungary and tells us how the Ottoman conquest in the distant south can also affect us who live further away.

What conquers is not so much the plot, of which we know very little and not even the gameplay, which no one has yet had the opportunity to try, at least on a large scale. What is striking is the aesthetics of the game, which recalls that Game Boy era, with gray colors and clearly visible pixels. All combined with an isometric style. The fights are turn-based, according to the tradition of "Japanese" role-playing games, so popular at the time precisely on the portable consoles (and not only) produced by the Japanese giant.

If you think it is a complex work, you are absolutely right. The entire project was created with RPG Maker , one of the most popular tools for creating indie games. But obviously, in order to achieve such a result, it is necessary to work hard and almost completely distort the editor, using decidedly different plugins. We are therefore faced with something incredibly different from what could normally be achieved. If you are interested in finding out more about this sort of retro Baldur's Gate, we invite you to visit the Felvidek Steam page.

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