Akira returns to the cinema in 4K version to celebrate its 35th anniversary

Akira returns to the cinema in 4K version to celebrate its 35th anniversary

35 years after its debut, Akira by Katsuhiro Otomo, the Japanese work that revolutionized the perception of anime all over the world, returns to the cinema to once again conquer the general public in an unprecedented version remastered in 4K.

Akira returns to the cinema in a 4K version to celebrate its 35th anniversary

Akira , the film that grossed 50 million euros in theaters and home video worldwide, is back in theaters Italian in its 4K version. The appointments to mark in your diary, born thanks to the synergy between Nexo Digital and Dynit, are 14 and 15 March.

Akira at the cinema Specifically, the first day will be dedicated to screenings in the original language with Italian subtitles, while the second will be dedicated to screenings dubbed into Italian with a new adaptation faithful to the original. However, this is not the first return to theaters with Akira who, already in 2013, on the occasion of the celebrations dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the film, attracted over 20,000 spectators to the cinema in a single day, with sold outs widespread throughout the boot. br>
For those unfamiliar with the film:

Released in theaters for the first time in 1988 and inspired by the manga now in its 100th reprint of its first volume, Akira is set in 2019, in a era in which the great metropolises were wiped out after the Third World War. Tokyo is the scene of clashes between biker gangs, among which the gang of young Kaneda and Tetsuo stands out. Meanwhile, the secret police are trying to put a stop to the threat in order to continue the development of the highly secret Akira project…

Here is the teaser of the new 4K version:

Akira: a manga that has become a cult

Akira's feature film is directed by one of the undisputed masters of Japanese animation and comics: Katsuhiro Otomo. During his career there are works of the caliber of Steamboy, with which the master participated out of competition at the 2004 Venice Film Festival. We also remind you, in case you are passionate readers, that Akira's work is currently available on Amazon in a new Deluxe guise edited by Planet Manga.