A Nintendo executive victim of death threats

A Nintendo executive victim of death threats

Some shocking news has arrived from Japan: a Nintendo executive has received death threats from a thirty-six-year-old woman. The culprit was arrested by the Tokyo police, but the contours around the story are a real mystery, both for the local police and for us.

It is obviously not new: in the world of video games there are different people who make threats against the community and the developers themselves . Normally, however, similar threats (which can be condemned a priori and which demonstrate how toxic this sector is) take place via email or telephone calls. In this case, the woman decided to send a physical letter to the headquarters, with the name of the manager in question. The letter contained phrases like "I'm going to kill you" and "Die, Nintendo!". Threats that were taken seriously and led to the arrest of the woman.

There are some details that don't add up. As ascertained by the police, the woman has never had any kind of relationship with the man who was the victim of the threats. The two people do not know each other and it is not clear how this rampage started. In all likelihood, further details will emerge over the next few days, but surely everything has taken on decidedly strange contours. According to the authorities, there was no resentment between the parties and Nintendo's mouths remain sealed, especially for privacy laws, which aim to protect both women and men from the public and the press.

It is not yet clear whether Nintendo will take legal action to protect the man. Most likely, however, the arrest fortunately put an end to these threats before they could become reality. However, many obscure details remain, which we hope will be revealed. And of course we also hope that similar phenomena will disappear completely.

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