Nissan Nismo working on the hybrid heir to the GT-R

Nissan Nismo working on the hybrid heir to the GT-R

The Nissan GT-R was forcibly retired earlier this year after 13 years on the market, but Nissan is working on its successor.

This was said by the CEO of Nissan Nismo, Takao Katagiri, who in an interview with Autocar, spoke of the project for a sports car, as yet unnamed, which will be marketed in the United Kingdom, Europe and in the United States, as well as obviously on the Japanese market. But times are not exactly short, although the release is expected within this decade.

Katagiri said that “The UK is very important to us, especially for high performance cars. So one thing I can say is that we are about to introduce a very exciting model to the UK market under the Nismo brand.”

It seems in fact that the new sports car will not come out under the Nissan brand, but with the name Nismo, which will probably become a separate brand (as is happening in the Chevrolet world with Corvette). It should therefore be a replacement for the GT-R, and it is hoped that it can fill the gap left by the lack of presence on the European market of the Z coupé, which is not for sale because it does not comply with the strict European anti-pollution regulations.

We don't know the name, nor many details of the car, but it is probable that it will be equipped with a hybrid engine, precisely to be able to stay within the limits imposed by the Euro 7 standard.

François Bailly, senior vice president and chief planning officer for the AMEIO region (Africa, Middle East, India, Europe and Oceania), previously told Autocar: “I would love to have an electric sports car, but we have to get organized.”

Nissan had in fact stated that its own high-performance electric vehicle must be powered by solid-state batteries, the development of which will still require a few years of work. Solid-state batteries differ from lithium-ion batteries in the absence of a liquid electrolyte. They also have greater autonomy and recharge faster.

But in the meantime, leaving the European market without its own sports car is not one of the Japanese company's intentions; that's why he's working on the new hybrid model.