PS5 sells well, but not all that glitters is gold

PS5 sells well, but not all that glitters is gold

PS5 sells well

Despite the crisis, despite the problem relating to stocks and the price increase that occurred towards the end of the summer, PS5 continues to sell like hot cakes. The latest updated data has arrived in the course of the last few hours, during the presentation of the financial results of PlayStation for the last quarter.

As reported by Sony, PS5 has sold as many as 25 million units in about two years presence on the market. The figure is certainly extraordinary and shows, once again, how Sony has managed to work very well to retain important users over the years, who still manage to wait for a console for several months. The problem of stocks is in fact still very much felt globally, with the console that almost never manages to appear in electronics stores. Surely among the 25 million consoles sold there will also be some units that have ended up in the hands of touts, but the result does not change anyway: the console is the most desired and consequently also the best-selling.

If on the one hand the console sells very well, but the negative part should not be underestimated. Sony's gaming division has in fact suffered a loss of 49% of profits. In large part these losses are due to an increase in the costs for the production of games and the monetary outlay for the various acquisitions, such as that of Bungie, which cost the Japanese giant a whopping 3 billion dollars. The PS5 price increase was therefore necessary to maintain stable profits.

Sony announced that PlayStation 5 has now sold 25 million units worldwide.

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Beyond the hardware, the rest of the data reflects a very negative period for the entire global economy, strained by two years of pandemic and a war that broke out in late February 2022, which has accelerated inflation which is affecting all countries, especially the poorest ones. However, Sony seems to be experiencing a decidedly positive moment, which will only be confirmed over the next few years.