PlayStation will favor some users over others, the community is furious

PlayStation will favor some users over others, the community is furious

PlayStation will favor some users over others

PlayStation's new loyalty program has received a number of criticisms in Japan. The reason? According to what is reported online, players who have joined the Stars loyalty program receive priority assistance for problems related to their consoles, games, online services and so on. A problem, according to the community, because to get this rank within the program it is necessary to spend more.

“Customer support should be the same for everyone. There are people who can only play a few titles a year, while others who cannot afford to buy video games ", the words of a Japanese user declared on Twitter, followed closely by those of another player. “You say that the more time we play, the more priority we will have with customer support. But the more you play, the less you should need assistance ". “I don't think it's a good idea to prioritize certain users. I bought a PS5 only for Final Fantasy 16. It doesn't seem right to put me aside ”, the words of another user. The general feeling of the community is therefore one of distrust towards Sony.

PlayStation Stars is already available in Japan and will arrive in the West in mid-October 2022. In all likelihood, the loyalty program will not change and therefore these advantages will also be available in Europe. Unless of course they do not change their feet globally, which is very difficult at the moment, especially knowing the determination of the Japanese giant. Stay tuned to geekinco for all the latest news and announcements from the world of video games.

PlayStation Stars Loyalty Program Currently Offers Better Customer Service as a Reward

Sony's PlayStation Stars loyalty programme is offering better customer support to those at a higher reward tier.

As reported by VGC, those using the service after its launch in Japan today, September 29, have complained that those on the service's fourth tier get improved customer support. Users can move up tiers by buying games from the PlayStation store and earning trophies, effectively meaning that those with more money will receive better support from Sony.

'When contacting PlayStation Customer Support, you will be given priority in the chat order,' the reward list reads, and getting there requires users to first buy four games from the PlayStation Store and earn 128 rare trophies.

Those who've done so will therefore be able to speak with PlayStation's customer support ahead of those who've spent less money, something that has some users upset.

It's not guaranteed that this PlayStation Stars reward will arrive with the North American, European, and other versions of the service, but Sony hasn't indicated that anything will be different between regions.

The reward programme will also give players the likes of PlayStation Store wallet funds and select PlayStation Store products, alongside a series of virtual collectibles (that are definitely not NFTs).

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