Skoda presents the Vision GT concept, inspired by the historic 1100 OCH

Skoda presents the Vision GT concept, inspired by the historic 1100 OCH

Skoda presents the Vision GT concept

Skoda also arrives in the world of hypercars, with the Vision GT concept. It is a single-seater inspired by the Skoda 1100 OCH. After the recent announcement of Porsche and the new Vision GT Spyder concept, the Bohemian house also presents its futuristic racing car. The name certainly also suggests the Gran Turismo video game, although there have been no official communications from the Company about the possibility that the new concept will be made available for the famous game.

The designers of the Czech carmaker's native said they took inspiration from the historic 1100 OHC model of 1957, from which the Vision GT inherits the bright red color and the absence of the roof. The new concept, however, is conceived as a single-seater in which the driver finds space in the center of the cockpit, whose seat, suspended in a flexible way, has been designed to compensate for the forces of acceleration. The carbon steering wheel is surmounted by a small bar that acts as a windshield. As for the instrumentation, the most important information will be projected directly on the driver's helmet visor, just like a head-up display.

The aesthetics refer to the current Formula E cars, with taut lines and sharp edges. Equipped with active aerodynamics, it promises optimal driving in any situation. On the front and rear you can see the new Škoda lettering. However, no detailed technical information has been released, other than the fact that it will be a fully electric vehicle.

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┼ákoda Vision GT The Vision GT is part of the tradition of the “Icons Get a Makeover” series, which includes iconic models of the brand, such as the ┼ákoda 130 RS, Felicia and Rapid Monte Carlo. | ); } The study of this car is currently on display at the "Design and Transformation" exhibition organized and included in the program in support of the current presidency of the Czech Republic in the European Union.

The purpose of the exhibition is the presentation of products and of design studios carried out between 1990 and 2020, and is hosted at the Design Museum in Brussels: It will be open until January 8, 2023.

┼ákoda’s Vision GT Single Seat Racer Concept Has Nothing to Do With Gran Turismo

The Škoda Vision GT was inspired by a 1950s race car.Image: Škoda

Most concept cars are created to show off potential future vehicles or the design direction an automaker might take in the future. But every now and then, a car company will dream up an outlandish concept seemingly just for fun. And that’s exactly what it feels like ┼ákoda has done with its new Vision GT race car.

The car has been created to feature in an exhibition organized as part of the Czech Republic’s European Union presidency. Fun fact: The presidency of the EU rotates between the 27 member countries every six months.

Now, Škoda has dreamed up a sleek looking concept race car to sit in a gallery in Brussels while its homeland holds the position.

But that’s enough geopolitical explainers for a Wednesday, what about the car?

Well, as you can see, it’s a single-seat race car concept that doesn’t appear to meet the rules required for any single-seat racing series. Instead, it is said to be a “study” of future all-electric racing cars and how they might look.

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The Vision GT draws inspiration from Škoda racers of old, specifically the Škoda 1100 OHC from 1957. That vintage race car made its debut on June 29th 1958 at the Mladá Boleslav Circuit.

The past meets the future.Image: Škoda

To honor the 1100 OHC, the ┼ákoda Vision GT shares similar lines with the original, with a modern twist. There’s that same long, swooping hoop and a squat canopy around the driver’s seat. But, unlike the original, the Vision GT has just one seat for the driver, who sits in the middle of the car.

Instead of a head-on display, the car would project vital information like speed and revs straight into the driver’s helmet. The concept also has an “active cockpit,” which ┼ákoda says comes with “a flexibly suspended seat” to compensate for the g-forces felt during a race.

On the outside, there are nods to current electric racing series such as Formula E. The Vision GT shares a similar two-piece rear wing to the one on the outgoing Gen2 Formula E racers.

The race car looks slick, but sadly won’t ever get to taste the tarmac beneath its wheels.

According to ┼ákoda, it’s destined to spend its days on the page and won’t even get a turn in simulators such as Gran Turismo. Even though the name is strikingly similar to the game’s Vision Gran Turismo initiative, this car is nothing to do with that series of outlandish concepts that other marques have created for the game.

In fact, ┼ákoda isn’t even part of the Gran Turismo series at all!

Instead, you’ll just have to enjoy the concept car while it’s on display at the Design Museum in Brussels until January 8th 2023.