Returnal on PC is coming and we know it: Sony, announce it

Returnal on PC is coming and we know it: Sony, announce it

Returnal on PC is coming and we know it

After Sackboy's "confirmation" on PC, now it's up to another PS5 exclusive. We are talking about Returnal, a game by Housemarque, which debuted for the Sony console in the spring of 2021 and which is now about to land on Steam and Epic Games. However, the one around the adventure produced by the Finnish team is a theater of the absurd, which reconfirms the security problems of the Japanese giant (now too subject to leaks and leaks of information). A comedy, which should probably be closed as soon as possible with an official announcement.

We have already known about Returnal on PC since last year, when the first builds began to appear on Steam. On the Italian night, however, someone published the menu with all the graphic options of the Steam and Epic Games version of the game. A film, promptly removed, that is (almost certainly) from someone doing QA testing, probably remotely. This is the umpteenth leak of the Housemarque game, which is probably only missing the official announcement, which at this point should arrive as soon as possible.

Beyond the confirmation of Ray Tracing and DLSS support from NVIDIA, this leak shows us, once again, how foolish it is to try to keep certain secrets. Returnal on PC is not even a surprise anymore (nor will the next games be) and the best solution for Sony would be to announce the arrival of its games on Steam and Epic Games as soon as possible. Or solve internal safety problems, although obviously this solution would greatly affect the quality of workers, who would be forced to carry out tests only in the office, leading to additional expenses to reach the workplace and probably live with less peace of mind. appears someone has leaked the Returnal PC options menu


- Nibel (@Nibellion) September 28, 2022

Assumptions and wishes aside, Returnal on PC is practically confirmed. Now we just have to wait for Sony’s official announcement. In addition to the home game Housemarque, Sony will also bring The Last of Us Part 1 to PC. Most likely, both games will debut on Steam and Epic Games Store in the course of 2023.

Returnal PC Leaked Footage Shows Graphics Settings

It seems like a snippet of Returnal PC footage has been leaked. The alleged footage shows the menu settings of the game. The footage basically focuses on the graphics settings showing different options players will be able to toy with for Returnal PC.

As you can see, it seems like Returnal on PC will offer both DLSS and FSR options with Ray Tracing elements as well. It looks like Sony Interactive Entertainment is all set to give users another solid port to PC Gamers.

As you may already know, this isn’t the first time we have heard about Returnal’s release for PC. The PC version of Returnal was recently spotted during a GDC presentation. The game also has a SteamDB entry as well pointing towards its release for PC. And now, this leaked menu settings.

Despite all these hints and leaks, there is still no official confirmation for Returnal PC. Sony Interactive Entertainment has been quiet about its existence. That could change soon however, it would be interesting to see if Sony decides to release the PC port of Returnal in 2022 or they shift it to early 2023.

Returnal would be the First PS5 exclusive game releasing for PC so Sony could be taking its time with it. With all the rumors and leaks, fans have been waiting impatiently for an official announcement and a release date but I guess they will have to wait a little longer before they can play Returnal on PC.