Be Charge will build a fast charging network in Europe

Be Charge will build a fast charging network in Europe

Be Charge, the company specializing in the supply of energy for electric cars through public charging stations, has been selected by the European Commission to create one of the largest fast-charging networks in Europe; the project was selected by CINEA, the European agency that deals with climate, infrastructure and environment for the decarbonisation of the old continent, and is destined to create an impressive direct current charging network across 8 EU countries, among which there is also Italy.

The project, according to what has been anticipated, will be completed by 2025 and will focus on parking areas and the main transit areas of the larger urban centers. The countries involved, in addition to Italy, will be Spain, France, Austria, Germany, Portugal, Greece and Slovenia.

The total amount of funds allocated by the European Commission is 292.5 million euros. of which just over 50 million will be given to Be Charge for the construction of its network: in total, 24 projects have been selected, all with the aim of creating charging infrastructures to support local zero-emission means of transport, such as electric cars and trucks.

Among the projects chosen by the European Commission, Be Charge is not the only one from Italy; Free To X and Atlante SRL, a subsidiary of the Stellantis Group, also obtained funds for the construction of fast charging infrastructures, respectively 11.94 and 22.7 million Euros.

The number of public columns is constantly increasing and the spread of projects such as those carried out by Be Charge will make the necessary expansion even faster: traveling with an electric car is no longer a reason for stress, given the ease with which it is can recharge in direct current.