Halo Infinite, we can now play in Hobbit Shire

Halo Infinite, we can now play in Hobbit Shire

Halo Infinite

The Forge mode is undoubtedly one of the most anticipated novelties for Halo Infinite (find the Xbox version on Amazon). The last period, in fact, has been quite turbulent for 343 Industries and the developers need to regain altitude in the eyes of the fans. After the farewell of part of the top management of the studio, in fact, the future of the title seems to focus a lot on this mode. The testers have already made very good content and will no doubt continue to do the same after its release.

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The author also stated in an interview for PCGamesN that he plans to create many other contents dedicated to The Lord of the Rings. Among the upcoming maps planned for Red Nomster are the Mines of Moria, the Deep of Helm and, of course, Minas Tirith. However, all of this content won't kick off before Forge is officially released on Halo Infinite. The player, in fact, is not sure that it will be possible to export the contents created in this trial version even in its final form. Therefore, in order not to risk his work being lost, he prefers to wait a little more than a month for the release of Forge.

The mode, in fact, will be inserted on Halo Infinite starting from 8 November 2022 . 343 Industries has already postponed the release of the Forge but, in this case, it seems unlikely that it will be able to do it again. The situation of the studio, in fact, is quite critical and players certainly would not see well a new referral for this expected content.

Lord of the Rings maps become Halo Infinite PvP spots thanks to Forge

A whole host of Lord of the Rings maps are being made in Halo Infinite Forge, with a few of them planned to be playable spaces for game modes when Forge comes to the free-to-play FPS game later this year. The extra maps will be joining a recreation of Hobbiton, which has already been shown off.

Developed by Red Nomster, who also made a Halo Infinite Forge Toy Story map, their recreation of The Shire from Lord of the Rings gained some attention online after it showed an almost perfect rendition of Bilbo’s house, so we reached out to find out more about the project in the multiplayer game.

“I plan on making more Lord of the Rings content come November 8th,” Red Nomster tells PCGamesN. “Minas Tirith, Helms’ deep, Mines of Moria – there are plenty of fun places I’d want to try to build in Halo that have been attempted in the past. Halo Infinite should be able to do these locations more justice though!”

I'm making Lord of the Rings in @Halo

In a hole in the ground there lived a Spartan 🥹

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Considering this recreation of The Shire is what Red Nomster comes up with before Halo Infinite Forge’s full release on November 8, there’s no telling how detailed and expansive other Lord of the Rings locations could be. The Shire is a map just meant for exploration (with an interior to Bilbo’s house), but any others made when Forge fully releases will be built around actually being playable multiplayer spaces.

“November’s Forge update will add flat worlds so there’ll be plenty of space to recreate the larger locations,” adds Red Nomster. “But like my Toy Story map there will be some creative changes to make it more competitive and fun to play with Halo’s gameplay in mind!”

Of these Lord of the Rings maps, Red Nomster says he’s going to wait until Forge’s full release to make as they’re unsure if anything will transfer over to the retail version in Halo Infinite, with The Shire almost acting like a proof of concept for the idea.

If you want to read more about Halo Infinite, the new multiplayer mode will apparently be “something big” according to support studio Certain Affinity, and 343 Industries studio boss Bonnie Ross has announced she is leaving the developer after 15 years there.