Halloween Ends: the trailer of the final chapter of the cult horror

Halloween Ends: the trailer of the final chapter of the cult horror

Halloween Ends

45 years later, one of the most critically and publicly acclaimed horror franchises is about to return with its epic and terrifying conclusion. Let's find out the trailer for Halloween Ends where Laurie Strode faces for the last time the incarnation of evil, Michael Myers! Halloween Ends will make its theatrical debut on October 13, 2022.

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Halloween Ends: the trailer for the final chapter of the cult horror

if ( jQuery ("# ​​crm_srl-th_culturapop_d_mh2_1"). While waiting for his film debut, let's enjoy the official Halloween Ends trailer together:| adding zone: tag crm_srl-th_culturapop_d_mh3_1 slot id: th_culturapop_d_mh3 "); } The cast of Halloween Ends features the return of Will Patton as Agent Frank Hawkins, Kyle Richards as Lindsey Wallace and James Jude Courtney as The Shape.

The film is produced by the team creator who relaunched the franchise with 2018's Halloween and Halloween Kills. Behind the camera is David Gordon Green, working on a screenplay by Paul Brad Logan (Manglehorn), Chris Bernier (series The Driver), Danny McBride and David Gordon Green. This is in turn based on the characters created by John Carpenter and Debra Hill. Halloween Ends is produced by Malek Akkad, Jason Blum and Bill Block while executive producers are John Carpenter, Jamie Lee Curtis, Danny McBride, David Gordon Green, Ryan Freimann, Ryan Turek, Andrew Golov, Thom Zadra and Christopher H. Warner. br>
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Final 'Halloween Ends' trailer out now

'Halloween Ends' hits theaters Oct. 14.

September 28, 2022, 2:36 PM

Jamie Lee Curtis' Laurie Strode is out for revenge against Michael Myers in the final trailer for 'Halloween Ends.'

The 13th, and supposedly final, installment in the slasher film saga begun by filmmaker John Carpenter's 1978 original and reestablished by 2018's 'Halloween,' is set four years after 2021's 'Halloween Kills.'

Strode is living with her granddaughter Allyson Nelson -- played by Andi Matichak -- and working on her memoir. She hasn't seen Myers in those four years and has 'decided to liberate herself from fear and rage and embrace life,' according to the film's description.

However, a murder in the town sets off a traumatic chain of events that forces Strode to 'finally confront the evil she can't control, once and for all.'

Will Patton, Kyle Richards, Omar Dorsey, Nick Castle and James Jude Courtney also star in the upcoming film.

'Halloween Ends' hits theaters Oct. 14.