Trombone Champ played with a real trombone, sooner or later it had to happen

Trombone Champ played with a real trombone, sooner or later it had to happen

Trombone Champ played with a real trombone

We are almost at the end of this first autumn month of 2022, and as per tradition this videogame season is always full of highly anticipated new releases. Among the various FIFA 23 and Splatoon 3 (which you can buy on Amazon), which are the big hits of the month, there are also some titles that have managed to surprise us by nothing. Let's talk about Trombone Champ, a very simple rhythm game but at the same time very fun and full of a series of follies that immediately made it attractive to the eyes of many fans.

The content creator who experienced this madness is known on Amazon's platform under the name of Rudeism, and it's no stranger to this kind of personalized experiences. In this case, the streamer decided to get a real trombone, to which he then connected ultrasonic sensors and a microphone to pick up the controls in game. Once this is done, the live concert on Trombone Champs has begun.


Ultrasonic sensor controls the slide, and a microphone controls the dooting. If only I knew how to play it IRL

The ultimate way to play Trombone Champ @HolyWowStudios

- Rudeism (@rudeism) September 27, 2022
| : th_gamedivision_d_mh3 "); } The really funny thing is that it all worked perfectly, with the real-life moves being reported within this brilliant music title with great precision. There is only one thing in all of this that was out of place, which was the streamer's inability to play a real trombone, but that element certainly made this guy's live show even more fun.

A Streamer Is Playing Trombone Champ With An Actual Trombone

Indie rhythm game Trombone Champ has become something of a viral hit since it released earlier this month, plumbing the rich comedic potential of the iconic brass instrument. While the developers currently recommend playing with a mouse and keyboard while controller support is being ironed out, one resourceful streamer has already figured out how to play with the ideal controller--an actual trombone.

Streamer and content creator Rudeism is known for his use of unconventional controllers--GameSpot has featured him before for playing Elden Ring on a kid's toy, Call of Duty with a baguette, and Overwatch with bananas. But this time, his choice of controller just makes sense.

The trombone's unique design makes for some creative design choices in using it as a controller. Rudeism explained that he uses an ultrasonic sensor to control the slide. He notes in a subsequent tweet that the sensor's limitations means he's not moving the slide as far as an actual trombone player might, but is working on that issue for a future iteration.

Trombone Champ also requires input to make the trombone 'doot,' as Rudeism puts it, with the unusual feature among rhythm games of allowing players to play any note they want at any time. This input Rudeism controls with a microphone, requiring him to actually make noise with his trombone controller to play the game.

The result is a beautifully wonky rendition of Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy, which sounds even more nasty when Rudeism reveals what his actual trombone sounds like. Bravo!

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