A Tesla Megapack catches fire in California, it's the second case

A Tesla Megapack catches fire in California, it's the second case

A Tesla Megapack catches fire in California

On September 20, around 1.30am, a fire destroyed a Tesla Megapack located at the Elkhorn plant in Monterey County, California and operated by PG&E (Pacific Gas and Electric Company) .

Since the fire could not be extinguished using water, the firefighters said they had to let the Megapack burn completely, in about 5 hours. Following the accident, the structure was disconnected from the network to stop the spread of the fire and provide a safe area for emergency response personnel. So far, reports confirm that there have been no injuries as a result of the accident. Furthermore, there were no power outages in the area. However, the authorities advised residents not to leave their homes and close the windows. Discomfort also for motorists, since for several hours the traffic police blocked the leeward section of the highway 1.

The fire was fortunately limited to a single Megapack, probably also thanks to the safety systems mentioned the facilities are in place, which ensure that events of this type do not turn into a potentially catastrophic situation. For example, battery packs are equipped with thermal alarms, which shut down the structure in the event that the temperature rises above the alarm levels. The Elkhorn Battery Storage System, consists of 256 Tesla Megapack units.| ); }

Tesla Megapack battery fire is ‘fully controlled,’ shelter-in-place advisory lifted

We might not get another Apple event this year.

While Apple was initially expected to hold an event to launch its rumored M2-equipped Macs and iPads in October, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman predicts Apple will announce its new devices in a series of press releases, website updates, and media briefings instead.

I know that it probably takes a lot of work to put these polished events together, but if Apple does pass on it this year, I will kind of miss vibing to the livestream’s music and seeing all the new products get presented.