The Callisto Protocol: the new trailer shows the horrors of Black Iron

The Callisto Protocol: the new trailer shows the horrors of Black Iron

The Callisto Protocol

The launch of The Callisto Protocol, one of the many new upcoming horror games to be absolutely kept an eye on, is missing less and less. The new IP born from the minds of some of the authors of the iconic Dead Space promises very well, and the previous trailers released on the net have already been able to attract the curiosity of many fans. Now, to cheer the wait, a new trailer has been released entirely dedicated to Black Iron Prison, the mother setting of this new space survival horror adventure.

The novelties that emerge thanks to this trailer, however, do not stop at the horror environments and the monsters that roam the prison. In addition to the confirmation of the actor Josh Duamel, who has lent features and voice to the character of Jacob Lee, in the movie we can also glimpse a new female character played by actress Karen Fukuhara, who has found great popularity just recently for having brought Kimiko to life in The Boys TV series.

The Callisto Protocol's Latest Trailer Features Blood, Guts, And One Of The Boys

A new trailer for The Callisto Protocol has gone live, and as you'd expect from previous footage of the sci-fi horror, it's full of gore, violent dismemberment, and guts being spilled everywhere.

The big reveal in this trailer is the appearance of a new character played by Karen Fukuhara, who has risen to fame over the last few years with starring roles in 2016's Suicide Squad and Amazon's The Boys TV series. Beyond that, you can also grab a quick tease of terrifying secrets that lie beneath Black Iron Prison, which happens to be infested with a new breed of horror.

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The Callisto Protocol is out on December 2 for PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC, and previous trailers have teased a very gruesome end that you can expect to suffer if you make a wrong move in the game.

A spiritual successor to the Dead Space series that director Glen Schofield co-created, you can still expect some distinct differences and horrific surprises in the game that helps transform it into a unique beast when compared to its primary inspiration.

For more, check out everything we know about The Callisto Protocol, including gameplay details, enemies, and preorder bonuses.

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