Marvel's Wolverine: fan-made trailer imagines the PS5 game in Unreal Engine 5

Marvel's Wolverine: fan-made trailer imagines the PS5 game in Unreal Engine 5

Marvel's Wolverine

The team of TeaserPlay, a well-known YouTube channel, has made a fan-made video in which it shows a concept for Marvel's Wolverine, the Insomniac Games game in production for PS5. The video also includes "gameplay". Everything is done using Unreal Engine 5.

The video is a slow progression through a bush until you reach a small town. The camera enters a bar, inspired by the official Marvel's Wolverine trailer. We find the protagonist, Logan, who drinks alone at the counter, with some corpses around him. Outside, with a slightly western style, however, there is a man waiting for him. The two seem ready for a duel. At the end we see some gameplay, although it would be better to simply call it an interactive phase, during which Wolverine walks towards the opponent, with also a kind of HUD on the screen.

This is a very simple and, considering that it is a fan-made project, well done. We can see how TeaserPlay images Mavel's Wolverine as a much more cinematic game than Marvel's Spider-Man.

The video description explains that everything was done trying to use every function of Epic Games' Unreal Engine 5 , namely Nanite, Lumen, ray tracing and Metahuman. This is obviously only a concept and will in no way be published by the authors. There is also no official link to Insomniac Games' Marvel's Wolverine.

We don't know much about Marvel's Wolverine, but through a job announcement it has been confirmed that the combat system will be gore.

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