An interactive exhibition celebrates Salvatore Iaconesi's art

An interactive exhibition celebrates Salvatore Iaconesi's art

The digital relational ecosystem, a digital art project presented for the first time in the form of an experimental prototype in the summer 2022 in the What a Wonderful World exhibition, sanctions the entry of data into a museum's collection and a renewed role of the public of the exhibitions : the expressions generated by visitors, returned through an interactive visualization, are saved and archived every day, becoming part of the autobiography of the works and of the collection itself. On 29 September from 4 to 6.30 pm it will be possible to take part in the event The wonder of data that celebrates the art of the late Salvatore Iaconesi, digital artist, engineer and hacker who made his cancer an open source project, with relational ecosystems. To participate, you must register on the exhibition website, which is located at the National Museum of XXI Century Arts (Maxxi), in Rome.

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Look at the gallery The project collects the latest evolution of artistic and scientific experimentation that for over a decade has engaged Salvatore Iaconesi (who died last July 26) and his partner and companion Oriana Persico on the concept of ecosystem, becoming Her's methodological horizon. Lei she Loves Data: the research center founded by artists to embrace data and computation as a cultural, existential, psychological and political issue of contemporary societies.

Salvatore Iaconesi, the artist who made his cancer open source, is dead The designer, robotic engineer and hacker who in 2012 created La Cura, a sharing project on his brain tumor, passed away. event, created together with the Her research center. Lei she Loves Data and Fondazione Nuovo abitare, a particular ritual of fruition of the exhibition inspired by the Nuovo abitare allows participants to question themselves about the relational ecosystem, retracing the unexpected and sensitive paths that Salvatore Iaconesi has been able to open in the world of data, giving us his "Wonder! ".

The event will also be attended by Alex Giordano, professor of digital transformation and scientific director of SocietingLab, of the Federico II University, Fiorenza Lipparini, co-founder and director of Research, PlusValue, and Bartolomeo Pietromarchi, director by Maxxi arte.