Zero Motorcycles unveils three new MY2022 models

Zero Motorcycles unveils three new MY2022 models

In recent months, the Californian company Zero Motorcycles has seen an exponential growth in its market data, further consolidating its position as leader in the electric motorcycle market, also thanks to the vast sales network that the company has managed to create.

In the wake of this success, Zero Motorcycles has decided to anticipate the launch of the MY2022 model range, which has received a number of exciting updates on the Zero S, DS and DSR models. All models have been equipped with the Cypher II operating system and Bosch's ABS system, as well as a new chip for Bluetooth connectivity, so as to allow the bike to interface with the rider's smartphone. Everything is managed through the new 5 ”TFT display - which we have already had the pleasure of admiring on the tested models Zero SR / F and Zero SR / S - which replaces the old LCD panel.

The new Zero S should be offered at the same price as the current model, € 16.960, with a nominal 14.4 kWh battery, enough to travel around 280 km in the city and 200 km in the mixed; same technical data and same price for the Zero DS, the model more dedicated to off-road but which shares the Z-Force 75-5 engine with 34 kW of maximum power and 106 Nm of torque with the Zero S.

The Zero DSR model, on the other hand, is powered by a Z-Force 75-7 engine with a maximum power of 52 kW, enough to push the bike to a maximum speed of 164 km / h. In this case, the mileage in the mixed, according to the manufacturer, should exceed 260 km.

Zero Motorcycles never stops; after announcing the new Zero FXE no more than a few weeks ago, the US company is back to being talked about thanks to the new MY2022 models that renew a range of motorcycles that have already been highly appreciated in American territory.