The Casio watch dedicated to Pac Man

The Casio watch dedicated to Pac Man

The A100Wepc model takes up the lines of the iconic F-100 of the 90s with a customization of the title of Bandai Namco

(Photo: Casio) Vintage flavor and a double special homage for Casio A100Wepc that in one shot winks at fans of historical video games thanks to the original dedication to Pac Man, but also to those of digital watches of the 90s, reworking the lines of an iconic resin model with characteristic four front buttons.

We refer of course to the best-selling Casio F-100 which forms the basis of the new model: presented in 1978, it could count on various state-of-the-art digital functions, each adjustable with a dedicated button as to start or stop the stopwatch. , the dial backlight and to set the date, but also the day of the week. The other novelty was a resin case instead of metal, seen for the first time on a quartz model: lighter and more resistant it became a choice devoted to greater portability and durability and in fact opened a path followed by many other manufacturers. .

(Photo: Casio) The modern reinterpretation of Casio A100 focuses on the combination of stainless steel for the bracelet and resin for the case (gilded) which for the occasion act as a canvas for the tribute to Pac Man with a representation of the classic game level of the Bandai Namco title. The scene of the ghosts chasing Pac Man has been laser etched on the upper bracelet, while on the lower one the situation is reversed and it is Pac Man's turn to hunt down the enemies who have become vulnerable.

(Photo: Casio) Every detail is taken care of, such as on the dial with the traditional pink line from the ghost's den or with the logo and icons engraved on the caseback. On a technical level, the watch is resistant to water for daily use, acts as an alarm clock, time signal, calendar and includes an LED light; the dimensions are 40.7 x 32.7 x 9.2 mm for a weight of 53 grams.

Casio A100Wepc will be available from next August at a recommended price of 99.90 euros on the official website and at the G-Shock store in Milan in Corso Como 9.

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