The Throne of Zeth - Ep. 01: Hawkeye, Dune, Kill or Be Killed

The Throne of Zeth - Ep. 01: Hawkeye, Dune, Kill or Be Killed

The Throne of Zeth - Ep. 01

First episode of Il Throne of Zeth on CulturaPOP geekinco Italia. We start off talking about the MCU, with the trailer for Hawkeye, which promises very well and then off to the comics of the week!

Dune - the graphic novel Vol. 1: (buy it here) - faithful transposition of the first part of the novel (there will be two other books), dried to be more rhythmic; effective designs, unfortunately not amazing, but excellently scripted. Welcome back to Arrakis!

Kill or Be Killed Book 1: (buy it here) - Book 3: (buy it here) - the excellent Brubaker and Phillips series reaches its climax. Dylan, the bloodthirsty vigilante, must figure out if the demon that haunts him is real or not. Powerful, beautifully written, compelling. Get it!

Maestro - Symphony in a gamma key: (buy it here) - The Hulk tyrant of a dystopian future created by Peter David, in the story of his origin. Cute for hulk-fans!

Vecta by Luca Tieri: (buy it here) - Italian author who lives and works in Tokyo in a hyperdynamic comic, which pays homage to the manga style of the 80s and authors like Shirow and Otomo. Girls, motorcycles, virtual avatars. Really interesting, especially for the crossover style!

Conan - Shadows in Zamboula: (buy it here) - always of super quality the stories of Robert E. Howard transposed into comics for Glenat. Again excellent story and super designs. Long live the Cimmerian!

Metamorphosis Box: (buy it here) - delicate story of friendship and values ​​between a granny and a young girl who share a passion for boys love. Delicate and deep, not a masterpiece of drawings but interesting.

One Piece 98 Celebration Edition: (buy it here) - celebratory edition of Oda's manga, in view of the elusive number 100, with transparent dust jacket, maxi poster and trial code for Crunchyroll.

Solo Leveling Vol. 3: (buy it here) - Dubu's webtoon takes off and begins to be more captivating, hinting at the reasons for the great worldwide success. It was needed!

Tower Of God Vol. 2: (buy it here) - nothing, I can't get over the mediocre graphics. Siu's subject is somewhat fascinating, but the aesthetic yield is still dramatically low. Impossible to fly over. We will see with the next.

World Of Warcraft Exploring Azeroth: (buy it here) - illustrated book to explore the eastern realms of Azeroth, among lore, legends and many curiosities. Only for fans!