Nike pays homage to Star Wars with the new sneakers

Nike pays homage to Star Wars with the new sneakers

Sometimes Nike, despite not having the official license to make a certain sneaker model inspired by a specific theme, simply chooses a color scheme that recalls that theme. In this case, Nike pays homage to Star Wars by creating a model of new sneakers whose colors recall Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back (recover the historic Blu-Ray film here on Amazon!).

Nike pays homage to Star Wars

The model in question is the Presto Mid Utility, presented however with a color officially known as "Carbon Green / Black-Ghost-Pollen", but which predictably is already tagged as “Boba Fett“:

However, this is not the only model: there are actually 3 new colors coming within this line. The second was called "Darth Vaders":

The third colorway was called "Bossk":

The reason why Nike cannot use the Star Wars brand is that it does not own the license, unlike Adidas. The Nike shoes in this article are therefore only, for legal purposes, a collection of sneakers that have in common some peculiar chromatic choices that may recall certain characters belonging to the long-lived and beloved Star Wars saga.

By Nike going out on the market in this way making an entire line of shoes inspired by Star Wars available for purchase could be a really good marketing strategy: recently, in fact, Adidas, which owns the rights to be able to use the brand of Star Wars in an official way for its sneaker models, has created its own collection of official themed shoes, which however do not seem to have met with great success among fans. given this detail, it would almost seem that Nike is challenging Adidas on the same ground, so to speak.

The release of all 3 new sneaker models is scheduled for November 2021, and as these are not special collector's editions it shouldn't be too difficult to get hold of a pair!