A TV series based on Waterworld is coming

A TV series based on Waterworld is coming

Even though it has now been more than 25 years since its release in cinemas, Waterworld (which you can find at this link) still tries to make people talk about itself. In fact, John Davis, one of the producers, is already willing to "take back the sea" with this fascinating setting, developing a TV series, which will be broadcast in streaming, right on Waterworld, and which sees Dan Trachtenberg directing, which will give a real and precisely following the events narrated in the 1995 film.

For those unfamiliar with it, Waterworld is a post apocalyptic film, where the entire (or almost) earth's surface was covered by a the only vast ocean, and where the last survivors of the Human race continuously fight for survival, often aboard real shipwrecks of our time, treated in this particular world as real relics.

The Mariner, played by Kevin Kostner, a mutant humanoid with gills who, on balance, proves to be the ultimate form of human evolution on this water-dominated planet, also moves among the waves of this boundless ocean. >
The Mariner, together with a girl and a young woman, will fight against the pirate tribes who have made the base on a revived Exxon Valdez (a rowing oil tanker !!) to preserve the discovery of Dryland, the last "continent" still dry, which would have allowed the small human race to try a new beginning.

According to what Davis said, the Waterworld series should start twenty years after the events of the film , also involving some of the original characters, although no mention has been made of the actors who will play them.

The project is currently still in the very early stages of conception and development, so at the moment we are absolutely unable to know when and how the work will be shown to the public. What we certainly know is that a series based on Waterworld, a setting that is too often mistreated, but which has a large number of fans, could definitely restore the franchise. Or, at least, that's what many are hoping for!