Star Fox Zero on Nintendo Switch: PlatinumGames would like to develop the conversion

Star Fox Zero on Nintendo Switch: PlatinumGames would like to develop the conversion

Star Fox Zero on Nintendo Switch

PlatinumGames would like to develop the Star Fox Zero conversion for the Nintendo Switch. This is what Atsushi Inaba - head of PlatinumGames - told VGC microphones. He also explained that "of course" he would be interested in a new version of Star Fox Zero, but the choice over any change would be up to Miyamoto.

Star Fox Zero, remember, was developed for the Nintendo Wii U and is one of the few titles of the old console of the Kyoto house that has not yet been converted for Nintendo Switch. Inaba then said: "It's not nice that people are not able to play old games because they are not compatible with the platform, so for sure if it were possible we would like to convert any old title to the newer platform. It depends on how far it is possible. really, but yes, if I had the opportunity [to convert Star Fox Zero] it is certainly something I would think about. "

Star Fox Zero Then he goes on to say:" The most important thing to remember is that since it is a Nintendo IP, the ideas come from Miyamoto-san himself. " He was then asked if creating a game with a prestigious figure like Miyamoto was difficult, to which he replied: "Hashimoto was working on Star Fox as a director at the time, but he is no longer with PlatinumGames. He was probably the one who had no more trouble bringing ideas to Mr. Miyamoto because apart from his personality he is an industry giant and someone many creators admire. So, it takes a lot of courage to go to him with ideas or feedback. "

Staying on the Nintendo Switch theme: the Online subscription will also include Game Boy and GB Color games for a rumor.

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Star Fox Zero Devs Want to Make Switch Port, but It’s up to Nintendo

Star Fox Zero devs, PlatinumGames, have just confirmed that they are open to the idea of making a Nintendo Switch port for the Wii U title. The game was first released to the Wii U gaming market in 2016, and was co-developed by Platinum and Nintendo’s own team led by Shigeru Miyamoto—the creator of Mario himself.

star fox zero nintendo switch port

“It is not cool that people are not able to play older games because they are locked out of the platform,” said Studio Head Atsushi Inaba. “So, of course, if anything was possible, we would like to bring over any of those older titles to the newer platforms.”

“It kind of depends on what is in the realm of actual possibility,” he added. “But, yeah, if the chance came up, it is definitely something we would like to think about.”

It has been five years since Star Fox Zero officially launched, and it remains to be one of the major Wii U games that still have not made it over to Nintendo’s newest handheld console. Being one of the more divisive games that Nintendo has ever released, Star Fox Zero fans strongly believe that it can definitely benefit more than most from a new-gen remaster.

Star Fox Zero got some flak for its complicated scheme, dividing the player’s attention between the Gamepad and the TV. If and when the game is finally ported to the Switch, it will have to work in Portable mode on a single screen, essentially getting rid of the aforementioned controversial element. However, Inaba has confirmed that all changes related to design must be led by Nintendo.

“The important thing to remember there is that because it is Nintendo’s IP, the ideas are coming from Miyamoto-san himself,” he said. “If the opportunity came up to bring Star Fox Zero to the Switch, again, it would be more of a question of what he would like to do in that opportunity. And, of course, we would respect that again.”