PS5 is no longer being sold at a loss, sufficient stock in 2021

PS5 is no longer being sold at a loss, sufficient stock in 2021

PS5 is no longer being sold at a loss

PS5 is no longer being sold at a loss: Sony Chief Financial Officer Hiroki Totoki announced this during the last meeting with investors, adding that Sony has secured enough stocks to produce the console during 2021.

As previously reported, PS5 has totaled sales of 10.1 million units, ranking as the fastest-selling Sony console in history, and these numbers have helped to lower the production costs of the machine.

Specifically, the standard edition of PlayStation 5 is already sold with a certain profit margin compared to the beginnings, therefore no longer at a loss, and the Digital Edition will soon reach the same result.

As written in the opening, Totoki has also confirmed that Sony has purchased enough semiconductors to meet PS5 distribution forecasts during the new fiscal year.

You will certainly know that the semiconductor crisis i has resulted in the limited availability of new consoles, video cards and electronic devices in general in recent months.

The statements by Sony's CFO imply that we will gradually return to a normal situation in the coming months. the availability of PS5 in stores?

Unfortunately this is still to be understood, but certainly the company is working in this direction.

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PS5 Consoles Are No Longer Being Sold at a Loss, Sony Confirms


It’s no secret that consoles are often sold at a loss, especially in the first few years after they come out, with their manufacturers generating most of their profits from other avenues, such as software sales. The PS5 was no exception to that rule, of course, and Sony was taking a hit on each PS5 unit that it was selling- though that didn’t last very long, as it turns out.

As reported by Bloomberg, during Sony’s recent quarterly earnings call, CFO Hiroki Totoki confirmed that the PS5 model that comes with a disc drive – which is sold for $499 – is no longer being sold at a lost. Meanwhile, the PS5 Digital Edition – which retails for $399 – is still incurring losses, but Totoki says that these are being offset by other hardware sales, such as the PS4 and peripherals.

Given that the PS5 only just launched last November, it’s quite impressive (and more than a little surprising) that it’s already overcome the initial hump of being sold at a loss. The PS5 has shipped 10.1 million units worldwide, and Sony is hoping to ship a total of 14.8 million units of the console by the end of the current fiscal year, out of which 2.3 million have already been shipped.

During the earnings call, Totoki also said that Sony has already secured enough semiconductor chips to be able to meet that target, so the company isn’t too worried and supply and manufacturing constrains. Read more on that through here.