Shawn Layden explains why he left PlayStation

Shawn Layden explains why he left PlayStation

Shawn Layden’s departure from Sony PlayStation has certainly left many gamers, now tied to him, stunned. It is certainly not new that many of the leading figures of large publishers are now considered real characters, praised and followed by users who love their ideals, their character and the work they do within the industry. Shawn Layden is one of them, and it is more than legitimate that his departure from PlayStation in 2019 has left many players confused and doubtful.

Jason Schreier, the now well-known Bloomberg journalist who has long followed the trends of the gaming industry, had the opportunity to interview the ex-president of Sony PlayStation. The objective of the dialogue would have been precisely to shed light on the events that then led Shawn Layden to leave the company and Sony Worldwide Studios, trying to understand why he wanted to leave the giant of the gaming sector, for which he has previously shown doubts. , a few months after the release of PlayStation 5.

In the video call with Jason Schreier, Shawn Layden explained that according to him the video game industry is now an activity for young people: he reported that he understood that, after the release of high-profile titles such as God of War and Horizon Zero Dawn, that was the perfect time to leave the company, leaving the task of launching PlayStation 5 on the market to the new generations. Schreier then referred to the alleged bad relations between Shawn Layden and Jim Ryan, which according to some were the main cause of the demise.

However, regarding having handed him the role, the former president said that "I think I have seized the right moment to do so and I could not be happier", silencing all sorts of rumors. The previous head of Sony PlayStation has therefore preferred to leave his place to the new generations instead of remaining in the same role and risking facts to undermine the future prospects of the company. What do you think about this decision? Please let us know with a comment.

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