Pokémon Team Championship: Multiplayer.it is the media partner of the tournament!

Pokémon Team Championship: Multiplayer.it is the media partner of the tournament!

Pokémon Team Championship

geekinco is the media partner of the second edition of the Pokémon Team Championship, a competitive tournament dedicated to all lovers of Nintendo's pocket monsters. It is an idea of ​​Francesco Pardini, aka FrancescoPardiniVGC (who you started to get to know on our Twitch channel with the weekly PokéRadar event) and which starting from Tuesday 21 September will see intense weekly challenges, as well as a special event on Twitch. Monday morning.

The PTC2 will be a tournament between eight teams led by a top player including internationally renowned names such as Flavio Del Pidio (champion of the European international 2019) and Marco HK Silva (champion of the International of Oceania 2020). The captains will battle from the preliminary phase of the auction, where in an almost fantasy football style they will try to win the best players in the boot and thus compose the most competitive team possible.

The tournament logo The tournament will consist of 7 regular season rounds in full NBA style, which will allow you to identify the four teams that will face each other in the Playoffs.

The first edition saw triumph for the team of Geosenge Town Cannons, who will try to repeat the success in this PTC2, a tournament that also wants to exceed the almost 70 thousand unique spectators who followed it in its first edition. New captains, new squads for all teams, a new staff team and geekinco as a media partner. The first streaming scheduled for Tuesday 21 September at 18:00 on Francesco Pardini's Twitch channel, with subsequent appointments scheduled every Tuesday at the same time.

And if you too can't wait to find out all the news , rankings, interviews, exclusive content and insights on this tournament, we invite you to follow the weekly analysis on Monday morning at 11:00 on the Twitch channel of geekinco.

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Top 20 pokemon from Kanto (Not including legendaries)


Tauros- Ash went to the safari zone and decided to catch 20 of them. Then left them with Professor Oak but kept one for battle.


Spearow- This pokemon gets spot number 19 for its aggression and determination when chasing ash in the forest.


Caterpie- Cause it was the weakest pokemon to scare misty.


Lickitung- One of the funniest pokemon from team rocket.


Porygon- The only pokemon to give children seizures.


Snorlax- The lazy powerhouse of Ash's team.


Primeape- The best pure fighting pokemon from generation one.


Persian- Meowths rival for giovanni's attention


Alakazam- The best psychic type in the whole Kanto saga


Vulpix- Brocks fire type fox


Jigglypuff- The annoying stalker of the twerps


Magmar- The nearly invincible fire pokemon in blaine's gym


Togepi- This baby pokemon wasnt added to the pokedex until johto but appeared through out the kanto saga


Butterfree- Proboly the fastest evolution in pokemon history


Gyarados- One of the most badass pokemon to ever appear in the series


Psyduck- The dumb untrainable lovable oaf from misty's team


Weezing and Arkbok- The two battling pokemon from team Rocket


Pikachu- Ash's friend and one the main characters


Meowth- the loud mouth of team rocket


Electrode- Two words 'Self Destruct'