Overwatch 2: new gameplay and first show match coming soon

Overwatch 2: new gameplay and first show match coming soon

Overwatch 2

After months of rest, there is a new sign of life for the team shooter Overwatch. The development studio Blizzard Entertainment recently announced via Twitter that you can look forward to new gameplay material in the next week.

The team is planning a presentation of Overwatch 2 as part of the Overwatch League Grand Finals. The event will take place on Saturday, September 25th, 2021 and will have a lot to offer. Among other things, Blizzard Entertainment wants to introduce you to the revised versions of the two characters Sombra and Bastion in more detail. The latter will be particularly in focus, since its rework is likely to be much more extensive than with other characters of the team shooter.

In addition, a big show match is on the program. Several professional players will have the opportunity not only to try Overwatch 2, but also to share it with the public. In this way, the fans should certainly get a detailed insight into the game and some of the innovations. This includes, among other things, the fixed distribution of roles, in which each team has two supporters, two damage dealers and two tanks in their ranks. The developers hope that this new system will make it easier to follow and understand what is happening in the game.

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Source: Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch 2’ to reveal new gameplay updates next week

The first glimpse of Overwatch 2’s gameplay will be revealed next week during a showcase broadcast during the Overwatch League Grand Finals.

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While there’s still no release date for the game, Blizzard Entertainment have already announced that Overwatch 2 will feature major changes to both gameplay and the heroes that feature.

Next week (September 26) players will get a first hand look at exactly how some of those changes will work during the League Grand Finals’ preshow and halftime show.

Taking to Twitter, it was confirmed that the showcase will feature an Overwatch 2 exhibition match played by Overwatch League professionals alongside details of Sombra and Bastion’s reworks. Bastion will also have an entire new look that will tie into the entire design philosophy of Overwatch 2.

Earlier this year, it was confirmed that Bastion would be among the heroes “reworked from the ground up”, which Blizzard said will result in “major changes to how the hero plays. This shift will result in rebalancing and adjustments across the board.”

The 2021 Overwatch League playoffs begin on September 21, and will be livestreamed on YouTube. The grand final starts September 26, 1am BST.

It’s also been confirmed that Overwatch 2 will change the makeup of PVP matches. The developer revealed that the game will move from two teams of six, which is the current group size in the original Overwatch, to two teams of five. Moreover, the composition of the teams will now be limited to one tank character, two DPS and two support.

“We feel like this is the next step in the way that Overwatch ought to be played,” said Keller.

In other news, Overwatch 2 may finally have a release window in sight, with reports that the hero shooter sequel could arrive in the second quarter of 2022.

The news followed on from a leak that suggested that Overwatch 2 being released in 2022 was very unlikely, as development is taking “longer than expected”.