Project 007: New details about the James Bond game from the Hitman makers

Project 007: New details about the James Bond game from the Hitman makers

Project 007

At least since the beginning of this year it has been known that the developer studio IO Interactive is working on a new James Bond game, which is currently known under the working title Project 007. The game is being developed in cooperation with MGM and is to be released at a point in time that has not been known so far. So far not much is known about the project, but now there are at least some hints.

These can be found in a current job advertisement from IO Interactive. The studio is currently looking, among other things, for an AI programmer for Project 007. As can be read in the text, the new employee should ideally have experience in the field of third-person action games. That sounds like the new James Bond adventure is also set in this genre. At first glance, this is reminiscent of the Hitman series from IO Interactive. However, the team had made it clear some time ago that Project 007 will sometimes differ significantly from Hitman. A lot of dialogue and a stronger focus on a character-based story are planned will hatch. Accordingly, you don't expect an adaptation of an already known movie, but fresh material with James Bond. However, further details cannot be found in the text. Also with regard to the release date, there is no more specific information so far. Publication is not expected before 2022 anyway.

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Project 007 - New Bond Game Will be a TPP Title; Job Offers Reveal Information

News video games 20 July 2021, 14:14

We've finally learned something more about Project 007, all thanks to a job posting published by IO Interactive.

  • The job offers posted by IO Interactive revealed some information on Project 007;
  • The the game will use third-person perspective;
  • The studio will use a new AI in the game, and we'll fight both up close and at a distance.
  • It's been a while since Project 007 was announced. This January, we received some vague information about the game, but in essence it is still an enigmatic project. Now some of the secrets have been revealed. We learned them thanks to job offers published by IO Interactive.

    First of all, we learned that the studio has no intention of leaving its safe territory and Project 007, like Hitman, will be a TPP game. We can find this information in the AI developer job description. However, this is not the only interesting detail it contains. We also learned that the developers are working on a completely new artificial intelligence, which will be used in the James Bond game. So it is possible that we will face smarter opponents.

    Thanks to another offer, in turn, we know that Project 007 will enable us to fight with both firearms and melee weapons. The animations will be recorded using a method completely new to the studio, but nothing more was revealed. We know, however, that motion capture technology will be used during the work.

    Moreover, we can conclude that IO Interactive's new game will focus on the story to a greater extent than the last instalments of Hitman. In fact, one of the offers mentions cinematic cut-scenes, which will require high quality facial animations. They are supposed to realistically convey the emotions and motivations of the characters on screen. A lot of emphasis is also placed on the sheer impact of the scenes. It was also mentioned in the offer that Project 007 is set to set a new standard for the studio in this regard.

    Although we base our report on residual information, we can already draw some conclusions about the game. Without a doubt, this is a very important project for IO Interactive, which will be created using technologies new to the studio. It will also be characterized by a larger scale than the previous games of the Danish developers. However, we still have to wait for more details.