Infamous: Big Comeback at the PlayStation Showcase?

Infamous: Big Comeback at the PlayStation Showcase?


The well-known action game series inFamous could soon celebrate its comeback. At least that's what the well-known insider and leaker Nick Baker, one of the founders of Xbox Era, claims. He recently spoke up on Twitter and stated that an announcement would appear to be on the program for the big PlayStation Showcase, which will take place on September 9, 2021.

"Okay, enjoy this with a bit of caution as I haven't had any confirmation of this. But since I like the show I hope it's true. Chances are Infamous will make a comeback at Sony's showcase. I keep my fingers crossed. "

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Incidentally, a comeback of the Infamous series is not entirely unlikely. The responsible development studio Sucker Punch was busy with the action adventure Ghost of Tsushima until recently. Although there have always been rumors about a possible successor, so far there has been no confirmation in this regard. It could therefore not be ruled out that the team will deal with inFamous again. But it is also conceivable that the brand has meanwhile landed at another developer studio and there

Maybe we are a little smarter this Thursday. Allegedly we can look forward to the presentation of the new God of War as part of the PlayStation Showcase.

Source: Twitter

New Infamous game rumored to appear at PlayStation showcase

A new Infamous game could be revealed this week, according to a rumor from a leaker with form when it comes to series developer Sucker Punch. 

XboxEra co-founder @Shpeshal_Nick took to Twitter yesterday (September 5) to say that although he couldn't get it confirmed: 'There's a chance that we could see Infamous make a return at Sony's showcase,' referring to the PlayStation showcase that's due to take place later this week.  

Now, even though this rumor isn't exactly ironclad - even the tweet says to take it with a grain of salt - @Shpeshal_Nick has good previous with Sucker Punch leaks. Earlier this year, he tweeted out details of what would become Ghost of Tsushima: Director's Cut. While certain things about this leak weren't exactly accurate - for instance, Iki Island wasn't a standalone game - a lot did line up with what eventually came out earlier the summer.

The other reason why this rumor has gained a little traction is that it's been noted by a few accounts that Sony had renewed the Infamous webpage domain last year. While this is almost certainly a way for PlayStation to make sure no-one else is going to nick the domain, it's at least a sign that Sony hasn't forgotten about Sucker Punch's open-world series. 

It's been a long time since we've seen anything in the Infamous universe, with the last entry in the franchise being spin-off Infamous: First Light way back in 2014. Of course, since then, developer Sucker Punch hasn't abandoned open-world gaming, with last year's Ghost of Tsushima proving the studio hasn't lost its touch when it comes to giving us gorgeous open worlds to play in. 

Still, with the PlayStation showcase set to take place on Thursday, we won't have to wait too long to see if this rumor has legs. 

For more on Sucker Punch's latest, check out the recent changes made to Ghost of Tsushima's foxes.

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