Deltarune like GTA 5: on Steam it is a resounding success

Deltarune like GTA 5: on Steam it is a resounding success

Deltarune like GTA 5

The arrival of the second chapter of Deltarune has definitely not gone unnoticed. In the course of the weekend, the game debuted on Steam and the consensus of the public has skyrocketed to very high levels. Practically the same as blockbuster as, in fact, GTA 5. Toby Fox has in fact managed to reach a huge amount of players, simply thanks to the instant release.

Let's go in order: according to the numbers of SteamDB, the second chapter of Deltarune managed to hit a record number of 102,916 players on launch day. The title, which is still free (even if Steam considers it only a demo), has therefore been able to capture a huge slice of the public especially thanks to the work of Fox, who had already convinced all players thanks to the delicious Undertale. It is therefore normal that the hype towards the developer was really high and in the end, all this "waiting" turned into a great success at the level of the public, who downloaded and played the new title en masse.

The success of Deltarune, however, also made the developer himself reflect. As we have already reported to you during the weekend, in fact, the next chapters of the title (or 3, 4 and 5) will no longer be available for free. "It is really difficult for creators and fans to be able to stay without a release for a long time", the words of Toby Fox publish on the official website. The cost of the package? Difficult to say, but Fox is convinced: the game will certainly cost more than Undertale.

Now, considering the great success of Undertale, it is really difficult to know how much time can pass to the release of the next chapters. Surely the success obtained with his games will push Toby Fox perhaps to accelerate development, but at the moment the possibility of having a release in the short time is to be excluded. Despite this, this spike in gamers has once again testified that indie games can actually be a big hit.

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