A garage only for electric cars is born in New York

A garage only for electric cars is born in New York

Mobility is changing and consequently many aspects related to the use of the car must do so, such as overnight storage or the simple parking that is used while at work. With this idea in mind, the US startup Gravity has thought of a garage of the future - very near - dedicated exclusively to electric cars.

As you can see from the rendering, the garage first of all presents itself with a much more elegant and curated of the classic covered car parks we are used to: it will be built in New York, in a nerve center of the city, very central but at the same time close to the Lincoln Tunnel, one of the major arteries into and out of the city and therefore a place of passage for many commuters.

Gravity's new EV-only garage will offer a large number of charging stations of various types: there will be 22 fast-charging stations capable of providing 180 kW of power so as to recharge 2 cars at the same time. 90 kW, 3 columns with power between 24 and 30 kW for complete recharges carried out in between 1 and 3 hours, and the slower 11 kW columns for those who park the car there to during the night.

In a congested city like New York, even finding a parking space on the roadside is a huge undertaking, and doing it in correspondence with an electric charging column is practically a miracle: for this reason This is why the Gravity garage could revolutionize the concept of parking / recharging, offering a space to leave your car for free, paying only for recharging the batteries.

According to reports to TechCrunch by Moshe Cohen, founder and CEO of the company, in the next 6 months between 5 and 10 garages of this type could be created on the island of Manhattan alone, so as to encourage even more the purchase and use of electric cars.

Tesla has already made contact with Gravity and has made important reservations for the slow charging stalls during the night: they will be used for the Tesla that during the day run taxi services around the city.