Rainbow Six Extraction, the Alibi Operator in the new trailer released by Ubisoft

Rainbow Six Extraction, the Alibi Operator in the new trailer released by Ubisoft

Rainbow Six Extraction

Rainbow Six Extraction shows itself with a new trailer, this time dedicated to the Alibi Operator: a precise and determined fighter, who can make the difference in the fight against aliens.

Released on September 16, Rainbow Six Extraction will propose a cooperative-based experience in which we will find ourselves facing hordes of monstrous extraterrestrials in order to free the cities from their presence. this case identical to the one seen in Rainbow Six: Siege and a great variety of repertoires and equipment.

In the case of Alibi we are talking about a tough and resolute chick, who thanks to her holographic devices can create effective baits from nothing to distract the aliens and pave the way for a surprise attack.

Have you noticed any mistakes?

Rainbow Six Extraction gameplay reveal failed to meet community expectations

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six is a fan favorite novel and gave birth to Rainbow Six games, developed by Ubisoft. Their most popular title is Rainbow Six Siege, which has 60 million players worldwide.

The Rainbow Six Siege has over 50 operators to choose from and each having its own tactical specialty. This is similar to Valorant’s agent abilities. If Valorant maps are compared to Siege’s complex maps, then Siege is absolutely unmatched. Rainbow Six's game mechanics are unique, and no other FPS title has ever done that.

Not only does Rainbow Six Siege provide engaging gameplay, but the vast lore is also what keeps players engaged. Siege also gives players in-game events every season, memorable ones being the April Fools Event and Outbreak Event.

Fans so much loved the Outbreak event Ubisoft decided to make a separate game called Rainbow Six Extraction.

Rainbow Six Extraction set to release later this year

The reason behind Outbreak Event’s success was the introduction of zombie-like aliens threatening the world. Those surely were interesting, but that wasn’t really the main attraction.

This limited-time event introduced various maps and lore through cinematics. Each of those character interactions and voice lines showed the connection between team Rainbow.

Rainbow Six Extraction gameplay screen capture (Image via Ubisoft)

Rainbow Six Extraction gameplay screen capture (Image via Ubisoft)Rainbow Six Extraction gameplay screen capture (Image via Ubisoft)

Siege players were more excited to play this event when they knew Attackers and Defenders operators could play together. After many years of fighting each other, this was the first time Team Rainbow has worked together.

In the game, Attackers and Defenders are not enemies. The game is a simulation in which they practice. The simulation part was shown in their “The Program 2020” trailer.

The Outbreak event was free and allowed players to play a PvE in co-op. Fighting zombie-like aliens with friends while going through creepy territories was more just an event. The Year 3 Season 3 event gave hope that players might get a sequel for the event next year, but that did not happen.

Years later, in 2019, Ubisoft revealed a teaser for a new game, then named Rainbow Six Quarantine, and players got really happy about the sequel. Later on, in 2020, after receiving backlash from Ghost Recon Breakpoint, delaying POP remake, Ubisoft decided to delay Quarantine. Fans were a bit disappointed with this decision but accepted it.

During the Ubisoft Forward E3 2021, Ubisoft finally revealed the game, rebranded as Rainbow Six: Extraction, with a release date in Q4 2021. However, the reveal left fans quite a bit disappointed and wanting more.

The disappointing reveal of Rainbow Six Extraction

Extraction left fans questioning the decision behind the game. At launch, the game had 12 maps and had the same enemy types from the free expansion. There were no apparent graphical improvements from the 6-year-old Rainbow Six Siege. The standard edition costs $60 (₹2999/- on Epic Store).

The fact that Rainbow Six Siege costs $8 (₹399/- during Steam Summer Sale) while providing far more than just a PvE game priced at $60 is really surprising. Players expected a lot more from the game that was in development for so many years.

Many well-known Rainbow Six content creators on the internet remarked that Extraction didn’t feel like it was recapturing the excitement of the Outbreak event. Rather it felt more like a repetitive and uninteresting simulation game. However, some fans believe that it might be due to the difficulty setting and refrains from judging the game before the final release.

Rainbow Six Extraction is scheduled for release on September 16th this year. Featuring 18 Rainbow Six operators, this can be either played in Co-op or solo modes.