The Legend of Zelda The Wind Waker: video shows a fan-made remake in Unreal Engine

The Legend of Zelda The Wind Waker: video shows a fan-made remake in Unreal Engine

The Legend of Zelda The Wind Waker

The Legend of Zelda saga is having a great time, thanks to the release of the Switch version of Skyward Sword HD. The players also hope that Nintendo, as the rumors tell, also wants to publish other remasters of beloved chapters of the saga, such as The Wind Waker. In the meantime, we can enjoy this beautiful video of a fan-made remake of The Legend of Zelda The Wind Waker made with Unreal Engine.

The author is Victor Maccari and, although it is a small fragment made in amateur way, it shows us what the style of The Legend of Zelda The Wind Waker could look like on a modern graphics engine. Maccari also explains of "Reusing the animations and 3D assets of a short film made months ago." He also modeled new assets such as grass, palm trees, rocks and managed the camera movements with his DSLR. He then traced the shot using Nuke and imported it all into Unreal Engine.

The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD for Wii U As mentioned, this is only a fragment and not a real game working, but it allows us to imagine what the future of the saga could be. Nintendo doesn't rely heavily on realistic graphics and technologically advanced gaming machines, but with future consoles that could change.

Tell us, do you like this The Legend of Zelda The Wind Waker movie? Staying on the subject, we would like to point out that Zelda Skyward Sword HD and Switch continue to dominate in Japan.

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The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker’ mod adds Solid Snake to the game

Someone has created a mod that lets you replace Link with Solid Snake in The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker.

The mod, which is called Metal Gear Solid: The Wind Waker, was created by AaronTheEpicGaemr, and is currently available to download from Game Banana. It allows players to experience The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker as Metal Gear Solid‘s Solid Snake instead of the protagonist, Link.

The showcase video shows the mod skin in action, replacing Link’s usual green tunic with Snake’s iconic bandana and suit, with the gameplay even showing Link hidden underneath a wooden barrel during a stealth mission. It even works in cutscenes.

Additionally, as detailed by the mod description, the mod replaces the Hero’s Sword with a reverse grip combat knife, turns the Hero’s Shield invisible, and replaces bow and arrows with a USP that’s equipped with a Laser Aiming Module with new sound effects.

More in-game items that have been replaced include the Master Sword with the Stun Knife, the Mirror Shield with a reflector, as well as the Deku Leak with a parachute, creating the illusion that you are playing as Snake.

The Metal Gear Solid: Wind Waker mod was originally released back in 2018, but a recent viral Twitter post reignited the popular mod.

Elsewhere, modders are recreating the original 1997 pre-release demo for The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time, which originally featured unfinished assets such as levels and enemy visuals that were quite different from the eventual release.

In other news, a speedrunner has managed to complete the entirety of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice blindfolded.