iPhone 13 without notch? Look at these protective glasses!

iPhone 13 without notch? Look at these protective glasses!

The presentation event of the next generation of iPhone is now just over a month away, barring unforeseen events and postponements by Apple. The rumors about the new iPhone 13 are rapidly multiplying on the net also thanks to the already started production of the terminal in Chinese factories and to third-party accessory manufacturers.

Today we can take a first look at some protective glass for the three different display diagonals of the iPhone 13 which, however, raise a big doubt: what happened to the notch?

In the images sent to us by our source based in Shenzhen, probably close to a manufacturer of smartphone accessories, we can see in all their splendor some protective slides for the displays of the future iPhone 13.

The photos, obviously in low resolution as the leak tradition wants, allow us to make some speculations about the appearance of the front of the iPhones that Apple will present during its next event.

The first feature that immediately catches the eye is the lack of a notch. It is an element containing the front camera and the sensors needed to scan the FaceID face which was first borrowed from many of the Android smartphone manufacturers and which nowadays is one of the few features that still distinguish iPhones from other high-end devices, which have now moved towards full-screen design or with a hole in the display.

In addition to the lack of the notch, it seems that the ear capsule has been repositioned on the upper edge of the display, a solution that suggests a change in the arrangement of the internal components of the iPhone 13. Has Apple really managed to hide this epochal design change?

No, let's not run too fast. As also visible in one of the images we received via email and you see above, the front camera is once again positioned in the central area of ​​the upper part of the screen. This confirms that even the iPhone 13, as suggested by previous rumors, will still have a notch which, however, has not been colored black in the accessories immortalized in the images.

What we can confirm, however, is that the notch will have a size more restricted, change of measures possible thanks to the reorganization of the layout of the components in that area.

What do you think? Will Apple ever be able to eliminate the notch without giving up FaceID?

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