FIFA 22: Lele Adani will be the new technical commentator

FIFA 22: Lele Adani will be the new technical commentator


There has been a lot of talk these days about the Electronic Arts football franchise. After some rumors about the possible future of the brand, today we received an important update on the commentary that will be present in the Italian version of FIFA 22. Today EA SPORTS announced that Lele Adani, the famous TV commentator and former footballer, will be the new technical commentator.

Adani was selected for this role based on his experience and knowledge of the playing field, and his style as an energetic and engaging commentator. Thanks to the next generation HyperMotion technology available on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X | S and Stadia, FIFA 22 will be the most authentic football experience ever and Adani will offer his experience both as a professional footballer and as a TV commentator. Adani's unmistakable style, which emphasizes the prowess of the players and pays particular attention to the dynamics of the field, is a natural choice for the experience that HyperMotion brings in the package.

“I'm really happy to announce the start of my collaboration with EA SPORTS since FIFA 22. Being the voice of the technical commentary for the most prestigious and authentic football video game makes me very proud. I will devote myself with all my enthusiasm and passion to providing an innovative commentary that combines the technical aspect and the feeling for all fans of FIFA and, in general, of our beloved football ... Vamos! " commented Lele Adani.

Lele Adani will join Pierluigi Pardo, confirmed for his eighth consecutive season as the voice of the FIFA 22 commentary. The pair of Italian commentators will begin their virtual season in FIFA 22 on the day of the launch of the game, or the next 1 October 2021 on the PlayStation 5, Playstation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, nNintendo Switch, PC via Origin, Steam and Stadia platforms.

You can pre-order your copy of FIFA 22 on Amazon at this address.

FIFA 22: No pre-order bonuses for Nintendo Switch players

FIFA 22 will only offer the Legacy Edition for Nintendo Switch players, the developers have confirmed.

The virtual football series is due to receive an all-new look as EA look to replicate the real-life 2021/2022 campaign across multiple leagues across the world.

The American organisation announced, with some fanfare, that their latest creation will contain 'HyperMotion' technology, which is designed to replicate player movement, passing and shooting much more accurately than in previous games.

While this gameplay innovation could transform the way that we look at games, EA confirmed that this would only be available for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S gamers - not even PC players will get a chance to test the new features.

That being said, questions have been asked regarding the Nintendo Switch version, with last year's edition receiving awful reviews from the likes of Metacritic.

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Similar to the trend we have been with PC players, Nintendo Switch gamers, with the Legacy Edition, will also not get the chance to sample HyperMotion.

Effectively, this edition of FIFA 22 will have the same innovations from FIFA 20 and 21 without any significant enhancements added. But the good news is it will come at a lower price of £39.99.

Despite this, Ultimate Team, Online Seasons, special player items and live updates to kick-off squads will be provided but the game will effectively be a re-skin from the previous two titles.

It must be frustrating for Switch players that they will almost be playing the same game as last year. But because the next-gen consoles are still so new, it may be a year or two until we see the technology added to Nintendo's handheld device. Here's to hoping.

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