Nintendo Switch also has its own Flight Simulator

Nintendo Switch also has its own Flight Simulator

But it is a very distant relative from Microsoft's ultra-defined and realistic one

(Photo: Pix Arts) For millions of aircraft enthusiasts, Microsoft's Flight Simulator is a real boon because it reproduces not only the controls and interiors of the most used or historical aircraft, but also because it is based on high definition Bing maps for extremely realistic travel. For the moment it is exclusive to the systems of the Redmond house, therefore PC and Xbox. And for Nintendo Switch?

Actually, a Flight Simulator will also be released on the Japanese hybrid console at the end of the month. With the title Easy Flight Simulator you immediately get your hands on: it's true, you will be at the controls of various planes and you will be able to take off, navigate the skies from one checkpoint to another, you will have to pay attention to the climatic conditions and wind and landing, however, the experience will be far from the almost true one of Microsoft's proposal.

(Photo: Pix Arts) However, it can be considered as a light version of the flight simulator, squeezing the 'eye to those who do not need all the realism of the much nobler software colleague, which is also used as a training tool for pilots. In short, it will not be possible to visit (from above) monuments and enchanting places, there will be no artificial intelligence to insert credible variables and behaviors, but for a few minutes of carefree flight and escape from everyday life it may be worth it.

The release of Easy Flight Simulator is scheduled for the end of the month, in two days just on July 31st. The price is very popular: 4.99 euros. There are also other games for those who want to try their hand at piloting an aircraft on Nintendo's hybrid console such as Island Flight Simulator where you move between tropical islands and freight deliveries; the price is 19.99 euros.

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