Pokémon GO: Numerous players wrongly banned, are you also affected?

Pokémon GO: Numerous players wrongly banned, are you also affected?

Pokémon GO

Some Pokémon GO players may have recently looked very surprised at the screen of their smartphone. The reason: They had received a ban from Niantic, which was imposed because of alleged violations of the terms of use. Among other things, it should have been about the use of unauthorized software from third-party manufacturers. However, many of the banned players protested their innocence very credibly. In the meantime it has been found that many of the bans - at least for 30 days - were wrong.

The responsible development studio Niantic reported a short time later via Twitter to not only clarify the matter, but also to join to apologize to the affected Pokémon GO players.

"We are working to reverse the strikes for some trainers who have been falsely fined on their accounts. This will happen automatically for the respective trainer, regardless of whether they contacted us or not. We apologize for the mistake. "

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Fans are angry

While a large part of the players concerned are relieved that the wrongly imposed suspension will soon be lifted, some other fans are starting a counterattack. Among other things, they ask Niantic to improve their detection system. This should actually serve to distinguish bots from real players and ultimately to pull them out of circulation. However, this system does not seem to be working properly at the moment. Therefore, the demand of some fans for an expanded support with better reactions to objections by the players against bans is getting louder.

Source: Niantic