Xbox Series X | S: a new exclusive will not have Ray Tracing

Xbox Series X | S: a new exclusive will not have Ray Tracing

Xbox Series X | S

Despite the hardware potential, an Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X exclusive in the pipeline in the next few hours will lack a decidedly talked about next gen feature. We are talking about Ray Tracing, which is a fundamental aspect for the realistic management of global lighting, which prompted Nvidia (for example) to change the name of its GPUs, from GTX to RTX.

The exclusive of the which we are talking about does not belong to the world of first party games. The title is in fact The Ascent, a cyberpunk-style RPG that will debut during these hours on Xbox Series S and Series X. Free, however, of Ray Tracing. A feature that Neon Giant has however managed to implement on PC and therefore, anyone who will play the title perhaps through Xbox Game Pass, will be able to enjoy the new lighting system.

To announce the absence of Ray Tracing for The Ascent, in the Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X versions, has Neon Digital thought of it. During an interview with WCCF Tech, the director of the title Tor Frick in fact commented on the presence of the feature, revealing that it will not be available on consoles. The PC version, in addition to Ray Tracing, will also have DLSS, or Deep Learning Super Sampling, which allows new generation GPUs to scale the resolution to obtain an excellent compromise between graphics quality and frame rate. Support for DirectX 12 Ultimate has also been confirmed, with the development team working to investigate further aspects regarding the implementation of API-supported features over the next few months.

The Ascent will be available starting starting today for Xbox Series S | X and PC. The game will arrive on Game Pass but it is also possible to play it on Steam, where it is sold at the promotional price of 26.99 euros (instead of the classic 29.99 euros) for a limited period of time.

Between The Ascent and Microsoft Flight Simulator, what better time to buy an Xbox Series S? You can find it at this address.

Xbox Series X | S

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