Raspberry Pi 4 becomes the brain of an advanced robot

Raspberry Pi 4 becomes the brain of an advanced robot

Recently launched, myAGV is proposed as the smallest compound robot in the world capable of six degrees of freedom. The device is equipped with an integrated camera, a 360 ° LIDAR sensor to allow autonomous navigation and uses a Raspberry Pi 4 as the brain for all its calculations.

Credit: Elephant Robotics Born from a joint venture between Elephant Robotics and Huawei, myAGV is quite expensive ($ 700), especially if the $ 600 six-axis myCobot robotic arm is added to the top. However, the end result is quite remarkable, providing a very flexible fixture in terms of programmability and autonomous operation.

The arm can lift 250 grams and has a reach of just over 30 centimeters. The base is easily maneuverable thanks to its independently driven Mecanum wheels, each consisting of a series of rollers held at 45 ° both on the wheel plane and on the axis line, so that the robot can roll sideways, back and forth. The 5MP camera and 360 ° LIDAR sensor allow you to orient yourself and recognize objects.

Credit: Elephant Robotics Running on a Raspberry Pi 4B, although the screenshots show an XFCE desktop rather than the more familiar Raspberry Pi OS, means it can be programmed in C ++ and Python. You can connect it directly to a keyboard, mouse and HDMI monitor or configure it for access via VNC. For enthusiasts with a good budget and a lot of will, myAGV will offer many hours of fun and extreme satisfaction.

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