Rainbow Six Quarantine: This is the new name for the co-op shooter

Rainbow Six Quarantine: This is the new name for the co-op shooter

Rainbow Six Quarantine

So now a name change: As the publisher Ubisoft has revealed, the co-op shooter previously known as Rainbow Six Quarantine is now called differently. Accordingly, the game is now called Rainbow Six Extraction, but that should be the only change, because the content remains as originally planned.

What exactly awaits you with Rainbow Six Extraction, you will find out in the next edition of Ubisoft Forward. The streaming show will take place on June 12, 2021 at 9:00 p.m. German time - the pre-show will start an hour earlier. By then, at the latest, there should not only be some new details, but also fresh material in the form of current screenshots or a trailer. Ubisoft may even reveal a specific release date for the co-op shooter. With regard to the publication, it is only known so far that it should take place before April 1, 2022 - i.e. before the start of the next financial year.

A name change for the game has been under discussion for some time. A few months ago, the rumor first circulated that Ubisoft would like to change the name of the co-op shooter due to the corona pandemic. At first there was talk of Rainbow Six Parasite, which, however, did not turn out to be the new official title a little later. In terms of content, an extended version of the time-limited event "Outbreak" from Rainbow Six Siege awaits you. There a team of three players had to compete against mutated monsters and fight for survival.

Source: Ubisoft

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Ubisoft's upcoming Rainbow Six game is now called 'Extraction'

When Ubisoft first revealed Rainbow Six Quarantine at E3 2019, it was pre-pandemic times and the word 'quarantine' didn't sound quite as sinister. The developer said it was considering a name change during an investors call back in February and, a few days ago, promised to reveal the game's new title at the Ubisoft Forward event. We don't have to wait until this weekend to find out Quarantine's new title, though, because the Ubisoft has announced that the co-op shooter will now officially be called Rainbow Six Extraction.

In the game, you'll have to 'assemble your team of Operators to take on an always-evolving alien threat.'. The company said the game builds upon the Outbreak mode in Rainbow Six Siege, wherein you'd have to fight off waves of mutated aliens. As Kotaku notes, the upcoming game will pit you and your friends against a mutated alien parasite and the monsters it creates as it wreaks havoc on the planet. You can expect to hear more details about the franchise's next mainline entry and see new trailers and gameplay footage at Ubisoft Forward. The developer's E3 event will kick off at 12 PM PT/3PM ET on June 12th and will feature updates on some of the company's live titles, in addition to Extraction's official launch. 

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