Lupine III - The Third Series on Yamato Animation

Lupine III - The Third Series on Yamato Animation

The celebrations for the 30th anniversary of Yamato Animation continue. After the announcement of the Italian dubbing of the anime Fire Force, Arte and the return of Carletto the Prince of Monsters with new unreleased episodes, now it's the turn of Lupine III - The third series, the most irreverent, boldest and most sought-after season from the fans of the gentleman thief!

The news was given through the Facebook page of Yamato Video.

Lupine III - The third series: the Italian cast and the trailer

Exciting new adventures await the most famous thief of all time. In Lupine III - The third series Lupine, with a bright pink jacket, returns to the scene again, together with the inseparable Gigen, Goemon and Fujiko, to carry out unimaginable thefts, pursued by the tireless inspector Zenigata. Treasures, talismans, mysteries and twists are the ingredients of this umpteenth, exciting saga.

The Italian cast sees Stefano Onofri in the role of Lupine III, Alessandro D'Errico is Jigen, Alessandra Korompay in the role of Fujiko, Enzo Consoli is the Isp. Zenigata and Emanuela Rossi double Sinbad.

This trailer:

Lupine III - The third series, also created by Monkey Punch, was broadcast for the first time in Japan from March 3, 1984 to 25 December 1985 on Yomiuri TV and Nippon Television while in Italy it arrived two years later on Italia 1.

Lupine III - The third series on Amazon Prime Video

We remind you that from 15 June 2021 Lupine III is back on Amazon Prime Video for the first time in full, uncensored edition.

In addition to the third series there will also be Lupine III - Return to the Origins, the fifth series of Lupine III, released in conjunction with the 50th anniversary of the creation of the character, the spin-off Lupine III - The Called Woman Fujiko Mine, consisting of 13 episodes produced by TMS Entertainment and aired for the first time in Japan on Nippon Television from April 4 to June 27, 2012 and Lupine III - Lupine Prison of the Past, the twenty-seventh television special featuring Lupine and his gang infiltrate the Kingdom of Doruente to try to get a famous criminal out of prison.

We recommend that you recover the DVD of the first series of Lupine III, available on Amazon!